Horse Packing: A Manual of Pack Transportation

Front Cover
Outing Publishing Company, 1914 - Horses - 197 pages
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Page 45 - For thumb piece take a piece of leather 12 inches long and 3 inches wide; punch and slit in 1 inch from edge and 3 inches from ends on each side. Lap the sides inward, so as to catch edges, and sew down with one seam. Draw it well together and cut ends, so as to shape in between straps ; place in center of crown and sew down with one seam on edge, and rivet on each side of crown. For every five aparejos one packer's blind will be provided. PACKERS
Page 42 - Fold 1^2 inches from square end and lay into this fold a 5-16-inch iron rod 9 inches long; lay it over end of cincha and sew down with one seam across the end, so as to catch the short or under side of facing, and two seams onehalf inch apart along the edge of conical facing.
Page 41 - ... crupper on either side of dock, extending 10 inches each way, to be bound down with sheepskin. In sewing the upper edge of top facing a space of 10 inches should be omitted to receive this binding, binding to be then sewed down in regular manner. At each end of crupper five...
Page 44 - Take the folds of latigo, ring up, and pass the right end of lacing through loop from right to left and into left-hand hole in cincha from above, pulling sufficient through to pass into the loop in center underneath, about 6 inches. Take the left-hand lacing and pass through loop from left to right; continue and finish as before.
Page 41 - The protecting sticks or shoes to be 21 inches long, 2J inches wide, and three-fourths of an inch thick, taper the ends on one side to half the thickness at ends, extending 5J inches toward center from each end, and taper on edges from center to a width of 1 inch at ends; to be placed in center of facings across ends. In tapering sticks do not allow a ridge in center. The protecting sticks or shoes to be faced at each end, facing to be placed so as to leave an exposed surface of 10 inches wide in...
Page 41 - SOBRE-JALMA. (3) To be made of No. 4, 22-inch cotton duck. The canvas is cut the same length as the body of the aparejo. It is faced on both sides with leather 4 inches wide from end to end and 5 inches wide across ends. These facings when put on must be allowed to extend over the sides and ends of canvas so as to make the cover one-half inch wider and longer than the aparejo; to be sewed with seam at each edge. The...
Page 35 - Cut boots 24 inches long and 18 inches wide. Face the boots at each end with a semicircular facing, facing to be 18 inches long and 12 inches wide, diameter of semicircle to be 16 inches. Facings to meet at center of boot.
Page 40 - ... more strips same width 26 inches long, lap 2 inches and sew down with two seams one-fourth of an inch from each edge. For bottom facing provide two strips of good, solid leather 37 inches long, conforming to the shape of lower edge of crupper; commencing at one end there must be a uniform width of 3 inches, extending 15 inches toward opposite end, then describe a cut, circling toward center of dock, greatest width to be 6 inches; to be sewed down three seams, outer seams to be one-fourth of an...
Page 45 - For end facings take a piece of leather 6 inches square, double and shape to end ; punch two holes in center of double three-fourths of an inch apart and cut out between ; soak well and slip thongs through slit; draw up snug and sew down with one seam on edges. Thongs to be sewed down through center 9 inches from ends of blinds, and riveted. For thumb piece take a piece of leather 12 inches long and 3 inches wide; punch and slit in 1 inch from edge and 3 inches from ends on each side.
Page 42 - Flattened ends to be provided with holes punched 1 \ inches from ends, to receive No. 8 copper rivets to hold it in place. This iron is fastened to cincha by two pieces of good, solid leather, 11 inches long and 5J inches wide and riveted to iron. Place one end of canvas between the folds of leather facing and sew down with three seams, two seams one-half inch apart on outer edge, and one seam around edge of hole. This hole to be 3 inches wide and 3J inches long, shaped half oval. The shape half...

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