Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, Volume 18

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Page 307 - Peso, 60 cents ; medio peso, 30 cents ; peseta, 12 cents; real, 6 cents; medio real, 3 cents. Bronze and copper coins now current in the Island of Cuba will be received at their face value for fractional parts of a dollar in a single payment to an amount not exceeding 12 cents (1 peseta). The metrical system of weights and measures is in use in Cuba.
Page 315 - An act relating to labor, constituting chapter thirty-one of the consolidated laws," is amended by the addition of a new section numbered fifty-eight, to read as follows: 58. Industrial poisonings to be reported. 1. Every medical practitioner attending on or called in to visit a patient whom he believes to be suffering from poisoning from lead, phosphorus, arsenic...
Page 183 - Sykes' hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater strength than the strength of proof, and for any greater or less...
Page 83 - After thirty years the yield will slightly decrease, the life being at least a century under fair conditions. The sap is prepared in exactly the same manner as the seringueira of Para, but is of a deeper brown color after smoking. The way the greater part of the manicoba rubber is produced in the States above mentioned, is to simply cut the bark of the tree, letting the sap run in drops to the base, where by the action of the sun's rays it coagulates and forms an irregular solid mass, which is gathered...
Page 272 - ... solution. It plays a part in many compounds analogous to that occupied by water in salts containing water of crystallization. Its heat of volatilization and probably its association constant are higher than those of any other liquid with the one exception of water. For a substance of such simple composition its critical temperature and critical pressure, and even its...
Page 189 - ... or, at all events, not specialists. Money, weights, and measures. — Where undoubtedly we are handicapped in our relations with buyers is in the use of English money, weights, and measures. True, there may be a few articles where we have impressed our own system into a custom, but in the vast majority of instances the adoption of the metric system of weights and measures and the twentieth part of a sovereign as a unit i with cents thereof) for money reckoning would be of the very greatest advantage.
Page 272 - ... at atmospheric pressure, are remarkably high, as is still more conspicuously true of the corresponding constants in the case of water. Its specific heat is quite as great as that of water, while its molecular elevation constant is lower than that of any other substance for which measurements have yet been made. Ammonia differs from water in its inability to dissolve the sulphates and sulphites, the alkaline carbonates, phosphates, and oxalates, the hydroxides of the alkali and alkaline earth...
Page 83 - Behia, giving better results with less labour than almost any other agricultural pursuit. The seed should be planted at the beginning of winter, red or brown soil giving the 'best results.' At the time of planting, the soil should be neither • excessively dry nor wet ; once the tree has reached the age of two years, it can resist any weather, but, of course, the amount of milk will always more or less depend on the climatic influence. At six years the plant will have reached its maturity, which...
Page 84 - ... No person otherwise entitled thereto shall be debarred from receiving a patent for his invention or discovery, nor shall any patent be declared invalid, by reason of its having been first patented or caused to be patented by the inventor or his legal representatives or assigns in a foreign country, unless the application for said foreign patent was filed more than seven months prior to the filing of the application in this country, in which case no patent shall be granted in this country.
Page 183 - All goods, wares, and merchandise not elsewhere charged with duty and not enumerated in the Free List and not prohibited to be imported into the Union, shall be charged with a duty of 20 per cent.

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