Chronicon Henrici de Silegrave: a chronicle of English history, from the earliest period to A.D. 1274

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Caxton Society, 1849 - Great Britain - 154 pages
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Page 59 - mid Angles, a worse deed done than this was, since they first Brjtain-land sought. Men him murdered, but God him glorified. He was in life an earthly king; he is now after death a heavenly saint.
Page 28 - AD 617. This year was Ethelfrith/ king of the Northumbrians, slain by Redwald, king of the East- Angles; and Edwin, the son of Ella, having succeeded to the kingdom, subdued all Britain, except the men of Kent alone, and drove out the Ethelings, the sons of Ethelfrith, namely, Enfrid, Oswald, Oswy, Oslac, Oswood, Oslaf, and Offa. AD 624. This year died Archbishop Mellitus. AD 625. This year Paulinus was invested bishop of the Northumbrians, by Archbishop...
Page 21 - AD 755. This year Cynewulf, with the consent of the West-Saxon council, deprived Sebright, his relative, for unrighteous deeds, of his kingdom, except Hampshire ; which he retained, until he slew the alderman who remained the longest with him. Then Cynewulf drove him to the forest of Andred, where he remained, until a swain stabbed him at Privett, and revenged the Alderman Cumbra. The same Cynewulf fought many hard battles with the Welsh ; and, about one and...
Page 85 - City doth shew as the cedars among other trees, being the seat of the British kings, the Chamber of the English, the model I of the land, and the mart of the world...
Page 68 - ... fabricatam et omnibus armamentis2 aureis instructam et octoginta militibus armis aureis adornatis ; horum quoque militum aureorum quilibet in...
Page 97 - Corpus vero suum apud Fontem Ebraudi, secus pedes patris sui. cujus proditorem se confitebatur, sepeliri jubens, Ecclesiae Rothomagensi inexpugnabile cor suum legavit.
Page 59 - ... upper floor; but the holy Archbishop Dunstan stood alone upon a beam. Some were dreadfully bruised; and some did not escape with life. \\ This year was King Edward slain, at eventide, at Corfe-gate, on the fifteenth day before the calends of April. And he was buried at Wareham without any royal honour. No worse deed than this was ever done by the English nation since they first sought the land of Britain.
Page 153 - Est autem palus illa, de qua loquimur, latissima, et visu decora, multis fluviis decurrentibus irrigata, multis lacubus magnis et parvis depicta, multis etiam silvis et insulis florida : intra quam sunt ecclesia Heli- Abbeys and 1 churches of ensis, abbatia Ramesiensis, abbatia Chatenc, abbatia the rn . country.
Page 153 - Leo postea in regem benedixit, et loco filii suscepit. . . . f. 164. Anno regni sui xix. Adelwlfus totam terram suam decimavit ad opus ecclesiarum propter amorem Dei;.
Page 38 - West-Saxons, and Bernwulf, King of Mercia, fought a battle at Wilton, in which Egbert gained the victory, but there was great slaughter on both sides. Then sent he his son Ethelwulf into Kent, with a large detachment from the main body of the army, accompanied by his bishop, Elstan, and his alderman, Wulfherd; who drove Baldred, the king, northward over the Thames. Whereupon the men of Kent immediately submitted to him; as did also the inhabitants...

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