Untersuchungen über das schottische Alexanderbuch '("The Buik of the most noble and vailzeand Conquerour Alexander the Great")' ...

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C. Vogt's Buchdr., Berlin, 1893 - 87 pages

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Page 7 - Folio, pp. 123 ; dedication, pp. 6: with the device of a pelican and its offspring rising from the flames, round which is, " Pro Lege, Rege, et Grege: Love kepyth the Lawe, obeyeth the Kynge, and is good to the Commonwelthe.
Page 32 - ... passengers'. (OED calls this: "Amer. colloq."). | 1929 RR Graves, Good-bye to All That 249, I'll be along in a few minutes (Kirchner). | 1939 W. Faulkner, Knight's Gambit (Signet Bks.) 83, he wouldn't ... let Flint shoot them [sc. squirrels] unless he was along. By. 1375 Barbour, Bruce XI, 126, Men myght se than, that had beyn by, Mony ane vorthy man and vycht.
Page 33 - That the mast host and the stoutest Of Crystyndome and ek the best Suld be abasit for till se. (xi, 470.) Gaf all his men reconf orting.
Page 7 - George A. Aitken, The Life and Works of John Arbuthnot (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1892), pp.
Page 23 - I to effezon ga, To fe the fecht I vnder ta, My fuerd fall better be I wis, That now all our rouftit is, The King faid Predicas perfay, Be my faith and be this day. Be Neptune Mars and lupiter, And be the faith I aucht to bere, To my mother Olimphias, that is fa fare of fax and face. He that prays me he fall nocht ga, thame that I will this poynt to ma, the laif with me fall byde all ftill, than war thay loyus baith gude and ill, He lukit about baith heir and thare, And fone perfauit he be his fare,...
Page 8 - ... which was made some years ago by a friend, without any view of its being published, vot.
Page 23 - With ane wenche that is weill taucht, That byndis him I warne zow weill, Faftar than fetter, or mais of fteill. 214 For For fen lufe feftnys him I wys, And laute that wyll do na mys, And he hes fuorne be his Goddis all, And the gude that of lufe may fall. And als his lemmans fare faflbun, That he fall lelely hald prefoun. Suith feir faid floridas perfay, His Goddis are in hethin ay. As refoun will for to the gude, All gude thing grouis in mane and mude, And he that wickit is and tratour, Ay fleis...
Page 15 - In ähnlicher Weise wie Barbour zieht etwa ein Jahrhundert später auch Henry the Minstrel (Blind Harry) in seinem „Wallace" die Person des Gaudifer und den „Fuerre de Gadres
Page 32 - For ane worthiar knicht na he, I trow, thair may nane fundin be 97,11.
Page 31 - That had he nocht the bettir beyn He had beyn ded forouten veyn. (vi, 161.) Cf . He had beyn ded foroutyn weyr. (vii, 219.) Lap on and went with thaim in hy. (v, 214.) A DINNER!] And thay ar anely till dynare To ane great hoste that we have here.

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