Free Market Fairness

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Princeton University Press, 2012 - Business & Economics - 348 pages
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"This book provides an original defense of classical liberalism. Tomasi argues that the high liberal conception of free and equal moral persons requires robust economic liberties as a condition of individual independence and self-authorship, while also justifying social supports for the less advantaged. "Free Market Fairness" is an important contribution to liberal thought."--Samuel Freeman, University of Pennsylvania

"Tomasi's 'market democracy' is a fresh, important research program."--Elizabeth Anderson, University of Michigan

"The great political power of free market ideas in recent decades has been unmatched by philosophical and moral defenses. John Tomasi's fresh exploration of market liberty will challenge orthodoxies left and right. An important and timely book."--Stephen Macedo, Princeton University

"This is one of the very best philosophical treatments of libertarian thought, ever. John Tomasi cements his position as one of America's leading social and political philosophers."--Tyler Cowen, author of "Creative Destruction"

"This book represents the most ambitious recent effort by a political philosopher to square the circle: free markets "and" fairness. Even readers who disagree with Tomasi's conclusions will find insight and clarity on every page."--Richard Epstein, New York University

"Tomasi's elegant book resembles a long and friendly conversation between Friedrich Hayek and John Rawls--a conversation which, astonishingly, reaches agreement."--Deirdre McCloskey, author of "Bourgeois Dignity" and "The Bourgeois Virtues"

"Tomasi is sympathetic to, and captures much of the point of, positions to the right of his, and positions to the left. The result is disarming and genuine. Readers will find themselves turning the pages, hoping not so much to spot the flaw as simply to learn something, and they will not be disappointed."--David Schmidtz, University of Arizona

"This book makes a case that needed making and that will have a large impact on contemporary thinking about social justice."--Michael Zuckert, University of Notre Dame

"Hayekian freedom and Rawlsian social justice both evoke attractive visions of how human beings might live together--something seldom acknowledged in our polarized political world. John Tomasi's Free Market Fairness treats both traditions with depth, nuance, and unremitting fair-mindedness, and then points us toward a synthesis. Social democrats and libertarians equally need to read this book."--Charles Murray, American Enterprise Institute

"Political philosophers are apt to dig in to carefully constructed ideological bunkers from which they lob argumentative mortar shells at their opponents. John Tomasi prefers instead to build bridges. Well-crafted and provocative, "Free Market Fairness" will surely stimulate much conversation--and perhaps a few mortar rounds in response."--Loren Lomasky, University of Virginia

"This is a terrific book--lively, stimulating, novel, and important. Written with clarity and lightness, it is appealingly wide-ranging, spanning political philosophy, intellectual history, and more. It will be widely read and cited."--Jacob T. Levy, McGill University


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Review: Free Market Fairness

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Rarely a book comes along that feels like a breath of fresh air. This is especially rare in the academic circles of post-Rawlsian/Nozickian political philosophy. Tomasi's book should be read as an ... Read full review

Review: Free Market Fairness

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Interesting Quotes: “[P]roviding a guarantee [with respect to the requirements of justice as fairness] in the form of a government program is not the same as delivering the good in question. Indeed ... Read full review


Classical Liberalism
High Liberalism
CHAPTER 3 Thinking the Unthinkable
Market Democracy
Social Justicitis
Two Concepts of Fairness
Feasibility Normativity and Institutional Guarantees
Free Market Fairness

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John Tomasi is professor of political science at Brown University, where he is also the founder and director of Brown s Political Theory Project. Tomasi holds degrees in political philosophy from the University of Oxford and the University of Arizona. He has held visiting fellowships and positions at Princeton, Harvard, and Stanford universities, and at the Freedom Center at the University of Arizona. He is the author of "Liberalism Beyond Justice" (Princeton).

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