Annals and Antiquities of the Counties and County Families of Wales: Containing a Record of All Ranks of the Gentry ... with Many Ancient Pedigrees and Memorials of Old and Extinct Families, Volume 2

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Longmans, Green, Reader, 1872 - Wales
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Page 666 - Mont Blanc is the monarch of mountains, They crowned him long ago On a throne of rocks, in a robe of clouds, With a diadem of snow.
Page 662 - And there they stand, as stands a lofty mind, Worn, but unstooping to the baser crowd, All tenantless, save to the crannying wind, Or holding dark communion with the cloud.
Page 676 - Nor scath had he, nor harm, nor dread, But, the same couch beneath, Lay. a gaunt wolf, all torn and dead, Tremendous still in death. Ah, what was then Llewelyn's pain! For now the truth was clear; His gallant hound the wolf had slain To save Llewelyn's heir : Vain, vain was all Llewelyn's woe; "Best of thy kind, adieu! The frantic blow which laid thee low This heart shall ever rue.
Page 660 - Above me are the Alps, The palaces of Nature, whose vast walls Have pinnacled in clouds their snowy scalps, And throned Eternity in icy halls Of cold sublimity, where forms and falls The avalanche — the thunderbolt of snow ! All that expands the spirit, yet appals, Gather around these summits, as to show How Earth may pierce to Heaven, yet leave vain man below.
Page 519 - The knights are dust, And their good swords are rust, Their souls are with the saints, we trust.
Page 729 - ... to the yoke ? I stood at bay for years : had I acted otherwise, where, on your part, had been the glory of conquest, and where, on mine, the honour of a brave resistance? I am now in your power: if you are bent on vengeance^ execute your purpose; the bloody scene will soon be over, and the name of Caractacus will sink into oblivion. Preserve my life, and I shall be, to late posterity, a monument of Roman clemency.
Page 676 - Aroused by Gelert's dying yell, Some slumberer wakened nigh : What words the parent's joy can tell To hear his infant cry ! Concealed beneath a mangled heap His hurried search had missed, All glowing from his rosy sleep, His cherub boy he kissed.
Page 676 - Lay a great wolf, all torn and dead, Tremendous still in death. Ah, what was then Llewellyn's pain ! For now the truth was clear : The gallant hound the wolf had slain, To save Llewellyn's heir.
Page 730 - This city was of undoubted antiquity, and handsomely built of masonry, with courses of bricks, by the Romans. Many vestiges of its former splendour may yet be seen; immense palaces formerly ornamented with gilded roofs, in imitation of Roman magnificence, inasmuch as...
Page 543 - severall religious houses," which met with severe treatment from " the rude hands of that Welshman," as Shakspeare has it, Owen Glyndwr. Bishop Tanner (Not. Man.) describes them as "[i] a goodly priory, founded by Robert, first Earl of Gloucester; [2] a priory of black monks, or Benedictines; [3] a house of black friars in Crockerton Street; [4] a house of grey friars, dedicated to Saint Francis, under the custody or wardship of Bristol; and also [5] a house of white friars." None of these orders...

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