The Basque Provinces: Their Political State, Scenery, and Inhabitants; with Adventures Among the Carlists and Christinos, Volume 2

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Whittaker & Company, 1837 - Spain
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Page 273 - Majesty's royal licence to British subjects to enlist into the service of the Queen of Spain; which Order in Council will expire on the 10th of June next; and praying also that his Majesty will be graciously pleased to give directions that the marine forces of his Majesty shall not be employed in the civil contest now prevailing in Spain, otherwise than in that naval co-operation which his Majesty has engaged to afford, if necessary, under the stipulations of treaty.
Page 170 - Isabella ; two 18-pounder iron guns, four 32-pounder carronades, 24 muskets, 24 pistols, 24 swords, ammunition, shot, &c., for the steam-ship City of Edinburgh ; six 32-pounder iron guns, 80 muskets, 40 pistols, 100 swords, 40 pikes, with ammunition, shot, &c., for the steamship Isabella II.
Page 311 - Santiago María de Ingunza. — José Blas de Arana. — Tomás F. de Espalza.— Tiburcio María de Recacoechea.— José de Basturia.— Antonio de Arana. — José Pantaleón de Aguirre. — José Antonio de Ibarra. — Antonio Cirilo de Vildósola. — Francisco de Gaminde. — Gabriel María de Orbegozo. — Melquíades de Echávarri.— JS de Lequerica.— Manuel de Barandica, secretario interino. Tono II 188 750 VI DECRETO DE LAS CORTES CONSTITUYENTES DE 1836 CON MOTIVO DEL LEVANTAMIENTO DEL...
Page 161 - ... published in the official Gazette of Madrid, in June last : — " The General-in-Chief of the army of the centre has published, in an order of the day, the following dispositions, with the intention of terminating those disorders too frequent in the battles, and of which the consequences may be fatal. " I. Every time that a brigade, or a battalion, commences firing, the Commandant-General of the division, or, in his absence, the superior officer shall place in the rear, half a company of artillery...
Page 171 - LEGION: 15,000 muskets; 1,200 carbines; 850 pistols; 1,000 swords; 600 rifles; 5,608,000 small-arm cartridges ; 22,023 cannon cartridges; 13,018 Ibs. powder; 11,429 chests and barrels. 26 brass guns ; two iron howitzers ; 4,730 Congreve and 350 signal rockets; 18,487 fuzes ; 13,942 shot and shells ; 90 carriages for guns and rockets. 45 waggons and carts ; 468 sets of harness ; 15 tents, with bedsteads, bedding, hospital dresses, blankets, &c.
Page 265 - ... mutual forbearance, where no provocation had been given ; but these shots were afterwards discovered to be nothing more than signals to steamers in the offing, and nothing of retaliation was attempted or thought of. His Britannic Majesty's brig Saracen lay further up the river, moored till the last under Fort Desierto. This fort and the Spanish gunboats were, almost daily, engaged with the Carlists; yet the Saracen, which lay in the midst of the latter, took no ostensible part in these contests,...
Page 72 - The valley of the Bilbao river or Ria Nervion (the long western vale of operations), is of a whimsically tortuous figure, not unlike the great brass serpent in the royal Spanish band; and like it, was, while the siege lasted, a very fine musical instrument, whose compass and execution continually attracted my admiration. Unlike the serpent, however, it was played at each end (Morro and Portugalete), as well as at a variety of intermediate...
Page 73 - Cabras, San Nicolas, San Agustin, San Mames, San Vincento, and a number of other saintly stations, where cannons and mortars of all calibres were daily practising their gamut with all imaginary " shakes, graces, and variations," accomplishing the most " difficult effects," and awakening echoes that, like some self-satisfied amateurs, once set a going, could not stop themselves.
Page 164 - ... Munitions as much as possible, and will only permit batteries, and entire companies to engage with the guerillas or isolated men, and never but within musket shot. These abuses discourage the troops, who uselessly consume their cartridges, which they ought to preserve for more decisive occasions. " VII. The commandants, generals of divisions, and chiefs of brigades, are responsible for the execution of the present dispositions, which shall be inserted in the order of the day of the army, and...

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