Your Heart Knows the Answer: How to Trust Yourself and Make the Choices that are Right for You

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New World Library, 2005 - Self-Help - 157 pages
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Everyone, but especially women, have voices in their heads, providing conflicting advice and resulting in self-doubt. The voice that says "you're attractive," and the one that insists "you're fat and ugly." The voice that says that "you're stupid," and the one that says "you're a gift of God." The voice that says "you can't"--and the voice that says you're unstoppable.

Your Heart Knows guides women to tap into the voice of their hearts and live according to its wisdom. Part One focuses on learning how to distinguish the true inner voice of the heart from the debilitating negative and critical voices that originate from outside ourselves. Part Two guides the reader to put into action what's she's learned by living according to what her heart already knows.

Your Heart Knows guides women to reunite with the magnificent woman within, and listen to and trust the strong, intuitive voice of the heart for everything from changing jobs to choosing a mate. Through personal rituals, affirmations, and ceremonies, this gentle companion and step-by-step guide helps women:

* Claim their true, authentic inner voice
* Compose a life of harmony and balance
* Create personal direction guided by the truest of all compasses---one's own inner truths

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