The Battle We Fight: Battling Potomac Fever to Recapture Our Homes and Communities

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AuthorHouse, Oct 14, 2004 - Social Science - 264 pages
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 THE MOVE IS ON to discourage resistance everywhere, in parent-teacher relationships, in schoolyard scuffles, political correctness and even in personal self-defense.

To what purpose?

John Longenecker’s bold statements analyze the motivations of the political Left and supporters of silly notions, wrong-headed policies and pure aggression in disrupting our nation sufficiently to pick up the pieces among the ambiguities of societal conditions they, themselves, created.


One word: Anxiety.

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About the author (2004)

"I couldn’t have asked for a better laboratory," says the Author. "From the time I was friends with my teenage buddies of the sixties, the seventies and eighties, even the nineties – over four decades – I came to know their parents, I watched their families disintegrate, and I could tell who would later raise a good household and who was doomed to repeat the failures of their own cold parents, and anyone could predict their politics."

Longenecker continues, "I came to understand the anxieties we all share, some more than others, I know. It is these that really separate strong self-confidence from a strong feeling of being wounded, what we call liberal and conservative, and that our battle is actually between the able and the forever wounded."

The Author was among the first generation of Los Angeles Paramedics throughout the 1970s. Today, he is a businessman, observer and commentator with a weekly column at

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