The lake dwellings of Switzerland and other parts of Europe, tr. and arranged by J.E. Lee. [With] Plates

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Page 7 - of stag's horn in wood, Liischerz, p. 197.— 4. Flint saw in stag's horn handle, St. Aubin, p. 459.—5. Bone dagger in stag's • horn handle, Lattringen, p. 450.—6, 7. Bronze needle in a case made of the bone of a stork, Greng, p. 290.—8.
Page 9 - 1. Bronze armilla, Bevaix, p. 457.—2. Bronze armilla, Auvernier, p. 243. —3, 4. Bronze ornamented armilla, Auvernier, p. 243.—6. Bronze armilla for a child, Auvernier, p. 243.—6. Bronze armilla, Möringen, p. 180. PL. LXVI1I.
Page 2 - &c. View of the peat moor of Robenhausen, taken from Seegraben, p. 41. (The site of the lake dwelling is indicated by a bird flying.) PL. VIII.
Page 7 - Cupped stone, Font, p. 460. For comparison. Mainland. Fig. 13. Cupped stone, lolimont, p. 460.—14. Cupped stone, Bienne, p. 460. —15. Flint arrow-head fixed in the shaft,
Page 5 - Stone celt, p. 116.—18. Chisel-shaped celt, p. 113.—19. Stone celt in stag's horn hafting, p. 114.—20. Flint saw, p 125.—21. Chisel-shaped celt, p. 113.— 22.
Page 9 - and in one or two others, there appears in some few cases (probably an error of the printer) to be a slight discrepancy as to
Page 11 - Bronze plates, p. 408.—7. Bronze ring, p. 408.—8. Bronze cauldron with iron rings for handles, p. 407.—10,11. Bronze ring with shank, p. 408.—12 to
Page 19 - 1, 2, 3. Rude figures of animals made of baked clay, p. 604. PL. OLXXXVIII. MOND SEE. Fig. 1. Half-moon-shaped flint knife, p.
Page 7 - p. 296 —0. Iron ornament, Scheuss, p. 456.— 10. Neck of earthenware vessel, with tin ornament, Estavayer, p. 265.— 11. Blunt serpentine hatchet,
Page 4 - Celt handle of wood, Wauwyl, p. 90.—13, 14. Implements of limestone, St. Andreas, Zug, p. 135.—15. Earthenware vessel, Lake of Sempach, p.

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