The History of Modern Europe: With an Account of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and a View of the Progress of Society from the Rise of the Modern Kingdoms to the Peace of Paris in 1763, Volume 1

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G.G.J. and J. Robinson, and A. Hamilton, 1789 - Europe

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Page 332 - the priefts carefully covered them up, even from their own approach and veneration. The ufe of bells entirely ceafed in all the churches ; the bells themfelves were removed from the fteeples, and laid on the ground with the other facred utenfils. Mafs was celebrated with fhut doors, and none but the priefts were admitted to that holy inftitution. The laity partook of
Page 335 - fealty to the pope in the following words. " I '? J.ohn, by the grace of God, king of England and " lord of Ireland, for the expiation of my
Page 417 - circumftances juftly condemned by our prefent manners, was regarded in that age as an effort of manly vigour and juft policy. Hence the family of Kirkpatrick took for the creft of their arms a hand with a bloody dagger; and as a motto the words employed by their anceftor, when he executed that violent
Page 406 - put ingenuity and invention in motion, and gave them vigour: it led men to a new employment of their faculties, which they found to be agreeable as well as interefting ; it accuftomed them to. exercifes and occupations,
Page 403 - at Puy, and took an oath, not only to make peace with all their own enemies, but to attack fuch as refufed to lay down their arms, and to be reconciled to their enemies. They formed an affociation for
Page 417 - at the appearance of Bruce, and yet more when he told them, that he was come to live or die with them in defence of the liberties of his country ; and hoped, with their affiftance, to redeem the
Page 380 - him to maintain them. PRINCE Edward had reached Sicily, in his return from the Holy Land, when he received intelligence • of the death of his father, and immediately proceeded homeward. But a variety of
Page 188 - for dominion. The king was without power, and the nobles without principle : they were tyrants at home, and robbers abroad, Nothing remained to be a check upon ferocity and violence. The
Page 479 - of the blood royal of France. His mother was daughter of Lewis X. and he had himfelf married a daughter of the reigning king ; but all thefe ties, which ought to have connected him with the throne, gave him only greater power to

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