Guideposts - Personal Messages of Inspiration and Faith

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Norman Vincent Peale
Read Books, 2008 - Religion - 272 pages
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Text extracted from opening pages of book: GUFDEPOSTS Personal Messages of Inspiration and Faith Edited by Norman Vincent Peale PRENTICE-HALL, INC. New York To the men and women whose constant encouragement, co operation, and counsel have unfailingly aided from the incep tion and throughout the development of the inspirational monthly publication, GUIDEPOSTS, this book is dedicated. CONTENTS PAGE INTRODUCTION, l> y Norman Vincent Peale xi THROWING OFF YOUR FEARS Your Faith Can Knock Out Fear, by Gene Tunney 3 Don't Be Afraid, by Henry J. Taylor 7 I Dare You, by William H. Dcmforth 1 1 PRAYER IN TIME OF NEED I Believe in Prayer, by Eddie Rickenbacker 17 Miracle in My Classroom, by Ruth Moulton 21 Prayer Is How You Live, by Herbert H. Harris 26 What Blocks the Answer to Prayer? by Clara Beranger 30 Much Obliged, Dear Lord, by Fulton Oursler 34 YOUR HAPPINESS FORMULA Your Way to Happiness, by H. C. Mattern 41 How Everything Changed for the Better, by Fred Rackliffe 46 I Was Missing Something, by John J. Porter 5 1 My Formula for Victorious Living, by John G. Ram sey 55 What's So Difficult About Faith? by H. 1. Phillips 59 FINDING THE SUCCESS SPARK Human Relations and Business Success, by A. O. Malmberg 65 Finding the Hidden Success Spark, by John Glos singer 70 They Call Me Success Story, by Lane Bryant 75 The Lord's Work, Henry Ford and I, by Perry Hayden 80 Better People and Better Cows, by Howard W. Selby 84 vii] viii] CONTENTS SORROWS NEEDN'T GET YOU DOWN Message to the Bereaved, by Natalie Kalmus 91 I Tell You They Have Not Died, by Geoffrey O'Hara 96 Say It With Flowers, by Henry Penn 101 REVITALIZING YOUR LIFE THROUGH FAITH How My Faith Has Helped Me, by ). C. Penney 109 PeaceThrough Faith, by William Green 113 Jack Miner's Bird Missionaries, by Manly F. Miner 116 Confession of Faith, by Faith Baldwin 120 No One Escapes, by George Sokolsky 124 Faith Makes Men, by Bert Kessel 127 Is A. A. for Alcoholics Only? by Bill 1 32 HANDICAPS CAN BECOME ASSETS Faith and Work Can Make a Miracle, by Alfred P. Haake 139 When Is a Man Helpless? by Len LeSourd 143 You'll Get What You Ask For by Lucius Humphrey 147 How to Acquire Faith, by Dr. Smiley Blanton 152 Disaster Can Lead to Victory, by Harold Russell 1 56 INSPIRATION-MONDAY TO SATURDAY Singing Sam, the Happy Bus Driver, by Chase Walker 163 Track Thirteen, by Len LeSourd 168 God Keeps Score, by DeWitt ( Tex) Coulter 172 Doing the Lord's Work in Track Pants, by Gil Dodds 176 COMMON GROUND BETWEEN SCIENCE AND RELIGION There Are No Atheists in Laboratories, by Gustavus J. Esselen 183 Living by the Spirit, by Arthur H. Merritt 188 CONTENTS ix] ON MAKING RIGHT DECISIONS Technique for Making a Decision, by Roger W. Bab son 195 Since I Let God Take Over, by Harry G. Heckmann 199 Our One and Only Problem, by Stella Terrill Mann 203 So What Toy Grove Patterson 208 HOME-CENTER OF HAPPINESS Religion Guided My Career, by Cecil B. deMille 213 Parents Are Not Enough, by ]. Edgar Hoover 217 So Long Until Tomorrow, by Lowell Thomas 222 Is Gratitude a One Day Special? \ ry Ted Malone 225 He Let the Face of God Shine Through, by William L. Stidger 229 IMPROVING YOUR COMMUNITY LIFE Let's Rout the Devil With Love, by Dorothy Canfield 237 Our New Department Christian Relations, by Mau rice Smith 241 Religion Helps Us Combat Crime, by Edward Thompson 246 How Christianity Can Work in Your Community, by George Stoll 251 INTRODUCTION TOGUIDEPOSTS GUIDEPOSTS is A COLLECTION OF INSPIRING, TRUE-LIFE EXPBRI ences told by men and women of all faiths, in all walks of life. Some of the most famous people in America together with per sons who drive our buses, carry our luggage, teach in our schools and mingle with us on crowded sidewalks relate personal inci dents of how faith works in their lives. This book is packed with moving examples of how a simple faith can bring out almost incredible power and greatness in human beings. It is possible to rise above disaster, overcome fear, break the worry habit, c

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About the author (2008)

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was one of America's most influential spiratual leaders, from the publication of The Power of Positive Thinking in 1952 until his death in 1993. A personal adviser to Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, he also inspired millions with more than forty books, as well as radio and television broadcasts.

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