Emmeline, the Orphan of the Castle, Volume 4

Front Cover
T. Cadell, 1789

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Page 147 - I LOVE thee, mournful, sober-suited Night ! When the faint moon, yet lingering in her wane, And veil'd in clouds, with pale uncertain light, Hangs o'er the waters of the restless main. In deep depression sunk, the enfeebled mind Will to the deaf cold elements complain, And tell the embosom'd grief, however vain, To sullen surges and the viewless wind. Tho...
Page 269 - FAR on the sands the low retiring tide In distant murmurs hardly seems to flow; And o'er the world of waters, blue and wide, The sighing summer wind forgets to blow.
Page 269 - Erase the written troubles of the brain," Which memory tortures, and which guilt alarms? Or bid a bosom transient quiet prove, That bleeds with vain remorse and unextinguish'd love!
Page 242 - Others have in their hufbands protectors and friends ; mine not only throws On me the burthen of affairs which he has himfelf embroiled, but adds to their weight by cruelty and opprcflion.
Page 242 - ... poverty, I think, I could have better borne. " I fhould have found in fome place of my foul A drop of patience." Thefe volumes contain fome few pieces of poetry, remarkable for their melancholy and plaintive air. Our Readers will be j>leafed, we think, with the following_/in»rf: But incTeflual attempts to ward it off by fuch degradation I can no longer fubmit to.—While Mr. Stafford, for whofe love I encountered it all, is not only unaffefted by the poignant mortifications which torture me,...
Page 254 - HOU fpeftre of terrific mien, Lord of the hopelefs heart and hollow eye, In whofe fierce train each form is feen That drives fick Reafon to infanity ! I woo thee with unufual prayer, " Grim vifaged, comfortlefs Defpair :" Approach ; in me a willing victim find, Who feeks thine iron fway— and calls thee kind ! Ah ! hide for ever from my fight The faithlefs flatterer Hope— whofe pencil, gay, Portrays fome vifion of delight, Then bids...
Page 242 - ... law, exercifed by the mod contemptible of beings r, and have been forced to attempt fofcening the tradefman and the mechanic, and to fuffer every degree of humiliation which the infolence of fudden profperity, or the rnfenfible coolnefs of the determined money-dealer, could inflict. Actual poverty, I think, I could have better borne. " I fhould have found in fome place of my foul A drop of patience.

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