The American Journal of International Law, Volume 3, Part 1

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American Society of International Law, 1909 - International law

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Page 451 - to intervene “for the preservation of Cuban independence, the maintenance of a government adequate for the protection of life, property, and individual liberty, and for discharging the obligations with respect to Cuba imposed by the treaty of Paris on the United states, now to be assumed and undertaken by the government of Cuba.”' In
Page 514 - ARTIcLE 3. The citizens of each of the high contracting parties shall receive, in the states and territories of the other, the most constant protection and security for their persons and property, and shall enjoy in this respect the same rights and privileges as are or shall be granted to the natives, on their
Page 378 - that is to say: 1. The canal shall be free and open, in time of war as in time of peace, to the vessels of commerce and war of all nations, on terms of entire equality, so that there shall be no discrimination against any nation or its citizens or subjects in respect of the conditions or charges of traffic or otherwise.
Page 484 - pose of shelter and of repairing damages therein, of purchasing wood, and of obtaining water, and for no other purpose whatever. But they shall be under such restrictions as may be necessary to prevent their taking, drying or curing fish therein, or in any other manner whatever abusing the privileges hereby reserved to them. It will be
Page 437 - It is hereby agreed between them that any favor, privilege, or immunity whatever, in matters of commerce and navigation which either * * * has actually granted, or may hereafter grant, to the subjects or citizens of any other State, shall be extended to the subjects or citizens of the other
Page 482 - coast of Newfoundland, from the said Cape Ray to the Quirpon Islands on the shores of the Magdalen Islands, and also on the coasts, bays, harbours, and creeks from Mount Joly on the southern coast of Labrador, to and through the Straights of Belleisle and thence northwardly indefinitely along the coast,
Page 482 - States hereby renounce forever, any liberty heretofore enjoyed or claimed by the inhabitants thereof, to take, dry, or cure fish on, or within three marine miles of any of tlie coasts, bays, creeks, or harbours of His Britannic
Page 432 - reads: “No higher or other duties shall be imposed on the importation into” either of any article the produce or manufacture of the other “than are or shall be payable on the like article being the produce or manufacture of any other foreign country * * * .“ Article 9
Page 437 - the other * * * gratuitously, if the concession in favor of that other state shall have been gratuitous, or in return for a compensation as nearly as possible of proportionate value and effect, to be adjusted by mutual agreement, if the concession shall have been conditional.
Page 166 - annually, and also lodged in the proper office of the treasury department. SECT. 2. And be it further enacted, That this act shall continue and be in force for the space of two years thereafter and no longer. Jefferson submitted the following to the President: Observations &‘

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