One hundred songs by ten masters: for high voice, Volume 1

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Henry Theophilus Finck

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Page xvii - People were greatly astonished at the devotion which I have thrown into the Hymn to the Blessed Virgin, and it seems to have seized and impressed everybody. I think that the reason of this is that I never force myself into devotion or compose hymns or prayers unless I am really overpowered by the feeling; that alone is real, true devotion.
Page xxvi - And where we are, our learning likewise is. Then, when ourselves we see in ladies...
Page xv - All these harmonic and modulatory features make it absurd to speak of the piano part of Schubert's songs as " accompaniments," or to play them as such. They are as important as the orchestra is in Wagner's operas. If anything could be more...
Page xix - Since yesterday morning I have written twenty-seven pages of music (something new), of which I can tell you nothing more than that I laughed and wept for joy in composing them.
Page xiv - was one of the very few musicians who did not behave as if he thought himself the greatest man in the world." aroused in private circles; and subsequently they pinned him down to the lowest terms, even to the last year of his life. The Erlking was composed in 1818. Five years later it was offered to several publishers, who refused to print it even without a royalty. Some of Schubert's friends thereupon advanced...
Page xxvii - I was a devoted imitator of Liszt, of his manners and movements, his trick of tossing back his hair, his way of holding his hands, of all the peculiar movements of his playing...
Page xxvii - Then appeared an exquisit melody, accompanied by chords in the bass and strengthened by the surging of powerful arpeggios over the entire instrument. He increased the difficulties, he stormed like full orchestra, the piano almost gave way under his hands. The impression was so overwhelming, my nerves were so wrought up. that I felt stifled. I glanced at my neighbor — she had left the room weeping. We all had a feeling of involuntary terror as if the presence of some elementary power of nature.
Page xx - In your essay on song-writing,' he says to a colleague in the 'Zeitschrift,' 'it has somewhat distressed me that you should have placed me in the second rank. I do not ask to stand in the first, but I think I have some pretensions to a place of my men.
Page xvi - Schubert himself, knew how to make the piano " sing under his fingers." 72 aloud from a book. He walked up and down the room several times, book in hand, then suddenly sat down and, as fast as his pen could travel, put the splendid ballad on paper. As he had no piano, we hurried over to the Convict, and there the Erlking was sung the same evening and received with enthusiasm.
Page xix - I can hardly tell you how delightful it is to write for the voice as compared with instrumental composition, and what a stir and tumult I feel within me when I sit down to it.

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