Army Paperwork

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George Banta publishing Company, 1917 - Military administration - 377 pages
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Page 86 - far as practicable, within the limit of 20 words. The last name of the officer addressed, or his title, and the last name of the sender are generally sufficient. 'Expressions such as "The Secretary of .War directs," "By order of the Secretary of War," or "Reference your telegram of the instant,"" and kindred expressions will be omitted.
Page 237 - Telescopes, telephones, and expensive electrical or aeronautical apparatus of the Signal Corps, when unserviceable, will not be submitted to an inspector for condemnation without pre-vious authority of the Chief Signal Officer of the Army. Field glasses, when unserviceable beyond local repair, will not be submitted to an inspector, but will
Page 302 - always be taken to state in the certificate the degree of disability, to describe particularly the disability, wound, or disease, the extent to which it deprives the soldier of the use of any limb or faculty, or affects his health, strength, activity, constitution, or capacity to labor. If
Page 195 - On which is kept a record of all details for guard duty, kitchen police, and other details for service in garrison and in the field, except the authorized special and extra duty details. For instructions regarding the keeping of roster, see, "Details and Rosters," Manual of Interior Guard Duty and the Model and instructions
Page 346 - without having full knowledge of the truth of the statements therein contained and with intent to defraud the United States (make) (deliver) (make and deliver) to a writing in words and figures
Page 319 - Disciplinary Barracks or from any place in which they have been held under a sentence of dishonorable discharge and confinement for more than six months, or from the Government Hospital for the Insane after transfer thereto from such barracks or place, to their homes (or elsewhere as they may elect), provided the cost in each case shall not be greater than to the
Page 281 - When at any post, fort, camp, or other place garrisoned by the military forces of the United States and under the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States, any person shall have been found dead under circumstances which appear to require investigation, the commanding officer will designate and direct a summary court-martial to investigate the circumstances attending the death.
Page 303 - When an enlisted man is inapt, or does not possess the required degree of adaptability for the military service, or gives evidence of habits or traits of character which serve to render his retention in the service undesirable, or is disqualified for service physically or in character, through his own misconduct,
Page 336 - Specification: In that did at on by concealing willfully the fact that at the time of such enlistment he was (but years and about months of age) (a married man) ( ) procure himself to be enlisted in the military service of the United States and has at since said enlistment received (pay) (allowances) (pay and allowances) thereunder. Charge: Violation of the
Page 263 - civil authorities and whether such prisoners have been held for trial, tried, or discharged without trial, and, when tried, whether acquitted or convicted with dates of absence. (e) Everything else affecting; the pay of every enlisted man, so as to insure justice to him and to the United States. As many lines as

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