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"O'Reilly Media, Inc.", Feb 5, 2008 - Computers - 254 pages

This book puts you in charge of the most flexible and adaptable graphical interface in the computer industry. The X Window System underlies graphical desktops on Linux and Unix systems, and supports advanced features of modern graphics cards. More people use the X Window System than ever before, but there are few books about X in print. X Power Tools fills that hole with the most practical and up-to-date information available.

Written in O'Reilly's popular Power Tools format, X Power Tools offers dozens of standalone articles, thoroughly cross-referenced, on useful tools and techniques for using X. This unique inside look at X gives Unix/Linux system administrators, owners of self-administered systems, and power users a lot of useful ways to harness the power of this system effectively. This book:

  • Offers a thorough grounding in X configuration and how the system works
  • Provides the complete ins and outs of changing a desktop's behavior, such as fonts, keyboard settings, and remote security
  • Includes articles on how to take advantage of X's "network transparency" -- its ability to display graphical applications on a remote machine
  • Explores intriguing areas such as using multiple monitors, building kiosks, and accessibility
  • Features discussions on X Window innovations and the future of the system
X Power Tools covers configuration and use of X, focusing on Linux but also including notes on other operating systems such as Solaris and FreeBSD. Each article in the book gives you insight into X; the entire book gives you a real grasp on this system and what you can do with it.


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Although this may be a well-written book full of useful information, it is clearly out-of-date. The unfortunate fact is that computer books are only current at the time they are written.
I would
suggest that you look for documentation on-line first. If you need a textbook on Linux, try to get one that is no more than one year old.
In my opinion, the suggest price of $17.87 is also ridiculous for an old computer Ebook. I could possibly understand paying five or ten dollars for a print copy to pay for printing costs. One or two dollars might be appropriate for the Ebook to cover hosting and transactional costs. If you have not recouped the costs for a book of this sort within one year, you are in the wrong business.


Introduction to the X Window System
Starting a Local X Server
Basic Xorg Configuration
Advanced Xorg Configuration
Using the X Server
Part II
X Utility Programs
Running X Clients
Fonts the Old Way
Fonts the New Way
Keyboard Configuration
Part IV
Remote Access
Using VNC
Part V
Building a Kiosk

Session Managers Desktop Environments and Window Managers
Part III

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Chris Tyler is a programmer and Linux network administrator with a focus on the X Window System and LAMP. He has programmed in two dozen different languages over the past 20 years, and now teaches at Seneca College, Toronto.