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Page 186 - A pair of fashionables now came in, dressed in the extreme of the present modes, which I would describe, were not the thing impossible. As they took me for some country neighbour of Sophy's, they paid no more attention to me than if I had been a piece of oldfashioned furniture, long out of date — so they talked on without the least regard to the presence of a stranger.
Page 29 - Tandis qu'a leurs oeuvres perverses Les hommes courent, haletants, Mars qui rit malgr£ les averses Prepare en secret le Printemps.
Page 186 - ... put her elbow on her knee, her chin in her hand, and stared at me. " So you are the new pet,
Page 281 - I only saw one wounded : it was mere wanton cruelty, as even had they killed any, we should not have stopped to pick them up ; but had I not seen it, I could not have believed that in any part of the country game was still to be found in such multitudes. I also saw four deer ; and three dark objects were pointed out to me on the horizon, which I was assured were buffalo. I was obliged, however, to take my informant's word for this, as without operaglasses it was impossible to...
Page 109 - Any subterfuge that helps beauty, why, it's decency in its most aesthetic form.
Page 314 - Oh, I know what you are going to say, but you are quite mistaken.
Page 120 - He might have been born on the other side of the Channel, might he not? " My favourite pet,
Page 37 - There was no one in the hall, no one on the landing, and I mounted the rail.

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