Southern Historical Magazine: Devoted to History, Genealogy, Biography, Archæology and Kindred Subjects, Volume 1

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Virgil Anson Lewis
V.A. Lewis., 1892 - Ohio River Valley
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Page 138 - There runs not a drop of my blood in the veins of any living creature. This called on me for revenge. I have sought it; I have killed many; I have fully glutted my vengeance. For my country, I rejoice at the beams of peace; but do not harbor a thought that mine is the joy of fear.
Page 138 - I appeal to any white man to say, if ever he entered Logan's cabin hungry, and he gave him not meat; if ever he came cold and naked, and he clothed him not. During the course of the last long and bloody war, Logan remained idle in his cabin, an advocate for peace. Such was my love for the Whites, that my countrymen pointed as they passed, and said, ' Logan is the friend of white men.
Page 138 - What did you kill my people on Yellow Creek for ? The white people killed my kin, at Conestoga, a great while ago ; and I thought nothing of that. But you killed my kin again, on Yellow Creek, and took my Cousin prisoner. Then I thought I must kill too ; and I have been three times to war since ; but the Indians are not angry : only myself.
Page 202 - To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said George Waid, Sr., and his heirs forever.
Page 82 - Declarations, hereafter expressed, all those Lands, Countries, and Territories, situate, lying, and being, in that Part of America called Virginia, from the Point of Land, called Cape or Point Comfort, all along the Sea Coast, to the Northward two hundred Miles, and from the said Point of Cape Comfort, all along the Sea Coast, to the Southward two hundred Miles, and all that Space and Circuit of Land, lying from the Sea Coast of the Precinct aforesaid, up into the Land, throughout from Sea to Sea,...
Page 101 - Lastly and chiefly, the way to prosper and achieve good success is to make yourselves all of one mind, for the good of your country and your own, and to serve and fear God, the Giver of all goodness; for every plantation which our Heavenly Father hath not planted shall be rooted out.
Page 102 - This was our Church, till wee built a homely thing like a barne, set upon cratchets, covered with rafts, sedge, and earth...
Page 143 - Come on, sir; here's the place: — stand still. — How fearful And dizzy 'tis, to cast one's eyes so low! The crows and choughs...
Page 23 - ... there was an entire corn-field, of considerable size, representing the maize in its exact and natural shape ; a proof no less of the wealth of the Incas than of their veneration for this important grain. In further...

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