Proceedings of the Annual Convention, Volume 8

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American Railway Engineering Association., 1907 - Railroad engineering
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Page 39 - ... President. MR. PRESIDENT: I recognize the gentleman from Martinsville, Mr. WR Broaddus, Jr. MR. BROADDUS: Mr. President and gentlemen of the Convention: I merely wish to state this matter was fully considered by the Privileges and Elections Committee, and we ask that the amendment be rejected. MR. PRESIDENT: Are you ready for the question? The question is on the amendment proposed by the gentleman from the 28th District, the gentleman from Fairfax. All in favor of the amendment, make it known...
Page 512 - ... traffic that is less than the minimum prescribed for Class "A," and that equals or exceeds the following: Freight car mileage passing over districts per year per mile, 50,000; or Passenger car mileage per year per mile of district, 5,000 ; with maximum speed of passenger trains of 40 miles per hour. Class "C" includes all districts of a railway not meeting the traffic requirements of Classes "A
Page 622 - ... 17. With precaution, a brine may be substituted for the heating of the mortar. The brine shall consist of one pound of salt to eighteen gallons of water, when the temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit; for every degree of temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, one ounce of salt shall be added.
Page 401 - ... and is so fixed by growth or position that it will retain its place in the piece.
Page 479 - Ibs. per sq. in. applied, and maintained until the desired absorption is obtained. The amount of solution injected shall be equivalent to %-Ib.
Page 14 - The PRESIDENT. The next business in order is the report of the Committee on Credentials.
Page 12 - AFTERNOON SESSION. The meeting was called to order at 2 o'clock by the President.
Page 344 - Number of movements of dipper per minute from time of entering bank to entering bank: Three (3). Character of hoist: Cable. Character of swing: Cable. Character of housing: Permanent for all employes. Capacity of tank: Two thousand (2000) gallons.
Page 400 - When necessary for pile bents, filling pieces shall be used between the braces and the piles on account of the variation in size of piles, and securely fastened and faced to obtain a bearing against all piles.
Page 399 - Any material destroyed by the contractor on account of inferior workmanship or carelessness of his men must be replaced by the contractor at his own expense. 9. Figures shown on the plans shall govern in preference to scale measurements. If any discrepancies should arise or irregularities be discovered in the plans, the contractor shall call on the engineer 'for instructions. These specifications and the plans are intended to...

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