The Karens of the Golden Chersonese

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Harrison, 1876 - Burma - 423 pages
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Page 260 - Neath cloistered boughs, each floral bell that swingeth And tolls its perfume on the passing air, Makes sabbath in the fields, and ever ringeth A call to prayer. Not to the domes where crumbling arch and column Attest the feebleness of mortal hand, But to that fane, most catholic and solemn, Which God hath planned ; To that cathedral, boundless as our wonder, Whose quenchless lamps the sun and moon supply ; Its choir the winds and waves — its organ thunder — Its dome the sky.
Page 325 - Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them : they shall not be ashamed when they speak with their enemies in the gate.
Page 192 - Tha-nai pleased not the mind of the dragon. The dragon looked on them ; the dragon beguiled the woman and Tha-nai. How is this said to have happened ? The great dragon succeeded in deceiving — deceiving unto death. How do they say it was done? A yellow fruit took the great dragon...
Page 82 - Taling kings have had their season, the Burman kings have had their season, the Siamese kings have had their season, and the foreign kings, all have had their season ; the Karen nation remains. Let our king arrive, O Lord. Thou, O Lord, whom we adore, to whom we sing praises, let us dwell within the great town, the high city, the golden palace. Give to us, have compassion upon us, O Lord.
Page 154 - A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death : they shall stone them with stones ; their blood shall be upon them.
Page 150 - And we earnestly forbid every heathenism ; heathenism is, that men worship idols, that is, that they worship heathen gods, and the sun or the moon, fire or rivers, water-wells or stones, or forest trees of any kind ; or love witchcraft, or promote ' morth'work in any wise ; or by ' blot,' or by ' fyrht ; or perform anything pertaining to such illusions.
Page 166 - It is a good book," said Mr. Boardman ; " it teaches that there is a God in Heaven, whom alone we should worship. You have been ignorantly worshipping this book ; that is not good. I will teach you to worship the God whom the book reveals.
Page 117 - Sabeans, worshipping the stars ? Such is to me the secret of all forms of Paganism. Worship is transcendent wonder ; wonder for which there is now no limit or measure ; that is worship. To these primeval men, all things and everything they saw exist beside them were an emblem of the Godlike, of some God.
Page 191 - He created a woman. How did he create a woman? He took a rib out of the man and created again (creating) a woman. The creation of a woman was finished." Life. " He created again (creating) life. How did He create life ? Father God said, In respect to My son and daughter, I love them : I will give them My great life. He took a little piece of His life, breathed into the nostrils of the two persons, and they came to life, and were real human beings. The creation of man was finished.
Page 50 - The Karens are a meek, peaceful race, simple and credulous, with many of the softer virtues and few flagrant vices. Though greatly addicted to drunkenness, extremely filthy and indolent in their habits, their morals, in other respects, are superior to many more civilized races.

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