Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History, Volume 12

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Boston Society of Natural History., 1869 - Natural history
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Page 47 - Gift of the State of New York. 13034, 0. 5. Sixth annual report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York on the condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History, &o.
Page 57 - Catalogue of the Fishes of the Eastern Coast of North America, from Greenland to Georgia, by Theodore Gill.
Page 46 - Report of the Proceedings of the Geological and Polytechnic Society of the West Riding of Yorkshire.
Page 50 - University on the condition of the State Cabinet of natural history, and the historical and antiquarian collection annexed thereto.
Page 62 - Legge. — THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF CONFUCIUS. "With Explanatory Notes. By JAMES LEGGE, DD Fifth Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. vi. and 338. 1877. 10s. 6d. Legge. — THE LIFE AND WORKS OF MENCIUS. With Essays and Notes. By JAMES LEGGE. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 402. 1875. 12*. Legge. — CHINESE CLASSICS, v. under "Chinese,
Page 61 - Homes without Hands ; a Description of the Habitations of Animals, classed according to their Principle of Construction. By Rev. JG WOOD, MAFLS With about 140 Vignettes on Wood. 8vo. 21s. Strange Dwellings; a Description of the Habitations of Animals, abridged from 'Homes without Hands.
Page 97 - Next the external branchiae began to be absorbed, and the animal came more frequently to the surface of the water for air. As the change went on, the spots gradually extended over the rest of the body; the external...
Page 153 - Geology which was to tear the secrets of time from the bosom of the earth. Of this expedition let his companion, Mr. Brigham, tell. "When Dr. Asa Gray was told I was soon to visit the Hawaiian Islands he asked me to collect the very peculiar flora of that group, and suggested the propriety of asking Horace Mann to accompany me. It was a short notice, but his friends advised him to go, and he joined me in California. From that time, for more than a year, we were constant companions, and many a long...
Page 54 - A Notice of the Origin, Progress, and Present Condition of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia " (1852) ; and " Notes and Commentaries during Voyages to Brazil and China, 1848
Page 54 - Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine ; Member of the Medical Society of the County of New York; Resident Member of the Lyceum of Natural History in the City of New York, etc.

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