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it is a really bad book

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This very appealing picture book/rhyming story is a great little tale to read aloud to your youngster or for your independent reader to read alone. The drawing of the kitty's face is simply endearing, and the tale is a tender tale about the true meaning of sharing with others, not only on Christmas, but always.
The meaning of family devotion and compassion is explored on a level with which any child can identify. Readers who have enjoyed other Bad Kitty stories will love this one as well. The story is wholesome, the message warm and engaging; the book is a welcome addition to your Christmas reading list and/or your child's bookshelf.
While this title may refer to Christmas, and the story may be about the true spirit of the holiday, several holidays are briefly mentioned (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Eid), making the book's message universally inclusive for everyone. Devotion to members of the family, and those that feel like they should be members of the family, is key in this book, especially during the time when people are the loneliest, like the times when holidays are celebrated alone of necessity. There is a warm feeling between all the characters in this rhyme which is a takeoff on "Twas the Night Before Christmas", and dogs and cats are an equal part of that equation.
There is a wonderful added bonus to the benefits of reading this hilarious presentation which is the presence of a pattern of rhymes which emphasizes the learning of the alphabet. Early readers will find it a joy to learn as they read, and parents and children will laugh out loud, but then, in the end, they will inwardly feel the warmth of the tale and its message of kindness and compassion. Young minds will be able to embrace this message and the charming illustrations will delight even the most sophisticated reader. The pictures and the message will bring a smile to many lips.

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