Dynamic Sociology: Or Applied Social Science, as Based Upon Statical Sociology and the Less Complex Sciences, Volume 2

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1920 - Sociology
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Page 610 - ... and the great majority of gamblers ? Or, to take a more extreme form of turpitude — is there not, among those who have committed murder by poison within our memories, a considerable number of the educated — a number bearing as large a ratio to the educated classes as does the total number of murderers to the total population ? This belief in the moralizing effects of intellectual culture, flatly contradicted by facts, is absurd a priori.
Page 32 - Causality, according to the laws of nature, is not the only causality from which all the phenomena of the world can be deduced. In order to account for these phenomena it is necessary also to admit another causality, that of freedom.
Page 419 - And lastly, let it be noted that what we call truth, guiding us to successful action and the consequent maintenance of life, is simply the accurate correspondence of subjective to objective relations ; while error, leading to failure and therefore towards death, is the absence of such accurate correspondence.
Page 284 - Savage animism is almost devoid of that ethical element which to the educated modern mind is the very mainspring of practical religion.
Page 294 - Life will be considered in the following chapters, but for the present purpose of investigating the theory of souls in general, it will be well to enter here upon one department of the subject. Men do not stop short at the persuasion that death releases the soul to a free and active existence, but they quite logically proceed to assist nature, by slaying men in order to liberate their souls for ghostly uses.
Page 560 - Britannica," the end of education is stated to be " to render the individual, as much as possible, an instrument of happiness, first to himself, and next to other beings.
Page 601 - And it is high time for socialists to perceive that, as a rule, they are working at the roof instead of at the foundation of the structure which they desire to erect. Not that much of the material which they are now elaborating will not
Page 284 - The comparison of savage and civilized religions brings into view, by the side of deep-lying resemblance in their philosophy, a deep-lying contrast in their practical action. on human life. So far as savage religion can stand as representing natural religion, the popular idea that the moral government of the universe is an essential tenet of natural religion simply falls to the ground. Savage animism...
Page 289 - ... satisfy their demands for ceremonies, and formulas, and fees. This is the dark side of the picture. On the bright side, as we study the moral standards of the higher nations, and see how the hopes and fears of the life to come have been brought to enforce their teachings, it is plain that, through most widely differing religions the doctrine of future judgment has been made to further goodness and check wickedness, according to the shifting rules by which men have •divided right from wrong.

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