Manual of joint causes of death showing assignment to the preferred title of the international list of causes of death when two causes are simultaneously reported

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Govt. print. off., 1925 - Medical - 209 pages
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Page 11 - General Diseases Not Included in Class I 43. Cancer and other malignant tumors of the buccal cavity. 44. Cancer and other malignant tumors of the stomach, liver.
Page 49 - Diseases of the prostate 136. Nonvenereal diseases of the male genital organs 137. Cysts and other benign tumors of the ovary 138. Salpingitis and pelvic abscess (female) 139.
Page iii - According to a preliminary announcement with reference to mortality in 1916, issued by Director Sam. L. Rogers, of the Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce, and compiled under the direction of Dr. William H. Davis. chief statistician for vital statistics, the "registration area...
Page 7 - Malaria* 6. Small-pox* 7. Measles* 8. Scarlet fever * 9. Whooping-cough* 10. Diphtheria* 11. Influenza (a) with pulmonary complications specified * (b) without pulmonary complications specified * 12. Miliary fever* 13. Mumps* 14. Asiatic cholera * 15. Cholera nostras * 16.
Page 48 - Diseases of the bladder (tumors excepted). 136. Diseases of the urethra, urinary abscess, etc. a. Stricture of the urethra. b. Others under this title. 137. Diseases of the prostate. 138. Diseases of the male genital organs, not specified as venereal.
Page 31 - Asthma. 106. Pulmonary emphysema. 107. Other diseases of the respiratory system (tuberculosis excepted): (a) Chronic interstitial pneumonia, including occupational diseases of the respiratory system.
Page 60 - Injuries by other vehicles (g) Landslide, other crushing 189. Injuries by animals (not poisoning) 190. Wounds of war 191. Execution of civilians by belligerent armies 192.
Page 21 - Hemiplegia. (b) Others under this title. 76. General paralysis of the insane. 77. Other forms of mental alienation. 78. Epilepsy.
Page 7 - Diphtheria. 11. Influenza: (a) With pulmonary complications specified. (b) Without pulmonary complications specified. 12. Miliary fever. 13. Mumps. 14. Asiatic cholera. 15. Cholera nostras. 16. Dysentery: (a) Amebic. (b) Bacillary. (c) Unspecified or due to other causes. 17. Plague: (a) Bubonic. (b) Pneumonic. (c) Septicemic. (d) Unspecified. 18. Yellow fever.
Page 45 - VII. NONVENEREAL DISEASES OF THE GENITOURINARY SYSTEM: AND ANNEXA 128. Acute nephritis (including unspecified under 10 years of age) 129. Chronic nephritis (including unspecified 10 years and over) 130.

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