The Legends of the St. Lawrence: Told During a Cruise of the Yatch [!] Hirondelle from Montreal to Gaspe

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C.E. Holiwell, 1898 - Folklore - 203 pages
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Page 54 - On wan dark night on Lac St. Pierre, De win' she blow, blow, blow, An' de crew of de wood scow "Julie Plante" Got scar't an' run below — For de win' she blow lak hurricane Bimeby she blow some more, An' de scow bus
Page 55 - De sout' win' she blow too, W'en Rosie cry 'Mon cher captinne, Mon cher, w'at I shall do?' Den de Captinne t'row de big ankerre, But still de scow she dreef, De crew he can't pass on de shore, Becos' he los' hees skeef. De night was dark lak' wan black cat, De wave run high an' fas', W'en de captinne tak' de Rosie girl An
Page 21 - As there were no barracks in the country, the quartering the troops furnished perpetual opportunity of displaying their importance and rancour. The Canadian noblesse were hated because their birth and behaviour entitled them to respect, and the peasants were abhorred because they were saved from the oppression they were threatened with.
Page 181 - The wind it wailed, the wind it moaned, And the white caps flecked the sea; "An' I would to God," the skipper groaned, "I had not my boy with me!" Snug in the stern-sheets, little John Laughed as the scud swept by; But the skipper's sunburnt cheek grew wan As he watched the wicked sky. "Would he were at his mother's side!" And the skipper's eyes were dim. "Good Lord in heaven, if ill betide, What would become of him! "For me — my muscles are as steel, For me let hap what may; I might make shift...
Page 140 - Perhaps in this neglected spot is laid Some heart once pregnant with celestial fire; Hands that the rod of empire might have swayed, Or waked to ecstasy the living lyre...
Page 21 - Most of them were followers of the army, of mean education, or soldiers disbanded at the reduction of the troops.
Page 22 - Britain, was taken from a gaol, entirely ignorant of civil law, and of the language of the people. The attorney-general, with regard to the language of the people, was not better qualified.
Page 9 - Les Iroquois les auraient-ils tués? Un de ces jours que, m'étant éloigné, En revenant je vis une fumée; Je me suis dit: Ah! grand Dieu, qu'est ceci? Les Iroquois m'ont-ils pris mon logis?
Page 10 - Un loup hurlant vint près de ma cabane Voir si mon feu n'avait plus de boucane; Je lui ai dit: Retire-toi d'ici; Car, par ma foi, je perc'rai ton habit! Un noir corbeau, volant à l'aventure, Vient se percher tout près de ma toiture: Je lui ai dit : Mangeur de chair humaine, Va-t'en chercher autre viande que mienne.

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