Reform your waltzing, the true theory of the Rhenish waltz, and of the the German waltz deux temps, analysed, by an amateur

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Page 33 - ... and if perfectly performed, each is a most exquisitely graceful dance. But let no one couple attempt both steps at once. For any one who can only dance the German step, which is in two time, to attempt it with one who can only dance the Rhenish step, which is in three time, is somewhat to surpass the quidlibet audendi.
Page 30 - Reverse waltzing, circling to the right, and turning to the left. 4 right. 5 three. steps 3. 2 three. 1 left. 6 steps. WALTZING. LADY'S STEP. Count " right three steps,"
Page 8 - front three steps," take three steps to the front, beginning with the right foot, and turn to the right at the 6 of the music. The step in the reverse waltz is the same, except that the turns are to the left, instead of to the right. The lady's step is the same as the gentleman's, except that she...
Page 10 - ... after passing between the chairs. WALTZING. The numbers designate the time of the music, and the course taken in the figure. GENTLEMAN'S STEP. Count " back three steps,"
Page 11 - I to the left. ; 5 three. steps 3. 2 three. 1 front. 6 steps. It will be perceived that after the 3, the common waltz is taken by turning to the right ; the reverse waltz by turning to the left.

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