History of cuba or notes of a trabeller in the tropics

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Page 215 - Oh, Christ! it is a goodly sight to see What Heaven hath done for this delicious land: What fruits of fragrance blush on every tree! What goodly prospects o'er the hills expand!
Page 222 - With an experience thus suggestive and cheering, the policy of my Administration will not be controlled by any timid forebodings of evil from expansion. Indeed, it is not to be disguised that our attitude as a nation and our position on the globe render the acquisition of certain possessions not within our jurisdiction eminently important for our protection, if not in the future essential for the preservation of the rights of commerce and the peace of the world.
Page 226 - Spain than the entire naval and military establishment of the United States costs the federal government. So far from being really injured by the loss of this island, there is no doubt that, were it peacefully transferred to the United States, a prosperous commerce between Cuba and Spain, resulting from ancient associations and common language and tastes, would be far more productive than the best contrived system of colonial taxation. Such, notoriously, has been the result to Great Britain of the...
Page 231 - THE DIADEM. A Souvenir for the Drawing Room and Parlor, and Gift Book for all seasons. Illustrated with 12 steel engravings by the first artists. Edited by EMILY PEIICIVAL.
Page 233 - TRUTH STRANGER THAN FICTION. A Narrative of recent Transactions, involving Inquiries in Regard to the Principles of Honor, Truth, and Justice which obtain in a distinguished American "University.
Page 222 - ... Now, therefore, I have issued this my proclamation warning all persons who shall connect themselves with any such enterprise or expedition in violation of our laws and national obligations, that they will thereby subject themselves to the heavy penalties denounced against such...
Page 112 - Excellency, I think I know your character well enough to trust you, else I should not have ventured here." " Speak, then ; my time is precious," was the impatient reply of Tacon. " Then, Excellency, the man for whom you have offered the largest reward, dead or alive, is now before you ! " " And you are— " " Marti ! " The governor-general drew back in astonishment, and cast his eyes towards a brace of pistols that lay within reach of his right hand ; but it was only for a single moment, when he...
Page 238 - Richard Edney and the Governor's Family. A Rusurban Tale, Simple and Popular, yet Cultured and Noble, of Morals, Sentiment and Life, Practically Treated and Pleasantly Illustrated: Containing, also, Hints on Being Good and Doing Good. By the Author of " Margaret" and " Philo," " Margaret, a Tale of the Real and the Ideal," and
Page 238 - States ; also embracing the Declaration of Independence, and Signers' Names, the Constitution of the United States, and Amendments ; together with the Inaugural, First Annual, and Farewell Addresses of Washington.
Page 42 - ... pleasure, and without a shadow of propriety, or even precedent. The colored population of the Island, both slaves and free, hated the Spaniards, for good reasons. The war party, moreover, reckoned on the genius of a leader (Lopez), " the first lance of Spain," trained to arms, equal in talents to any of the Spanish generals, and beloved by the Spanish troops, as well as by the Cuban population ; and they relied, also, as we have said, on the sympathy and ultimate aid of the United States government....

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