A treatise on drill and manœuvres of cavalry combined with horse artillery

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Page 111 - OBSERVATIONS. — 1. In formations to the front, immediately on issuing from narrow ways or streets, it is impossible for the rear, who are not yet clear of the defile, to incline at once towards their places in line ; on these occasions, therefore, the formation of all but the head of the column becomes the same as laid down for " Formations to the Outer Flank...
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Page 58 - Wheels on a moveable Pivot are used in most cases when the front of the column is small, or when the change of direction to be given is less than the quarter circle. When Wheels or Changes of direction of bodies in column are made on a moveable Pivot, both flanks are kept in motion ; the inner, or flank wheeled to, describing an arc of the lesser circle; the outer, or wheeling flank, describing an arc of the larger circle; the intermediate men...

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