The Language of the Mississaga Indians of Skūgog: A Contribution to the Linguistics of the Algonkian Tribes of Canada

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MacCalla & Company, 1892 - Algonquian languages - 84 pages
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Page 12 - There are only seventeen letters in the pure Algaic language: four vowels, a, e, i, o, and thirteen consonants, b, c, d, g, h, j, k, m, n, p, s, t, w. The sound of the vowels never changes: a, is pronounced as in father; e, as in met; i, as in pin; o, as in note. There are some diphthongs, and both vowels must be pronounced distinctly. "There are nine parts of speech in our language, as follows: — The Substantive, The Pronoun, The Verb, The Adjective, The Number, The Preposition, The Adverb, The...
Page 7 - During the early years of the eighteenth century they advanced gradually eastward and southward, taking possession of much of what is now the Province of Ontario, not, however, without many a fierce and bloody fight with their hereditary foes, the savage Iroquois.
Page 53 - chewed' so many of them last summer. So more of them came and pinched the Raccoon and were very glad that their enemy was dead. But by and by, when a large number of crawfish had gathered round him, the Raccoon suddenly jumped up and caught them and had a great feast. Soon afterwards the Raccoon came across the Wolf. He wrapped up some of his own excrement very neatly and said to the Wolf: 'Here is something nice!
Page 54 - W. tried to muke out that they were his, but he had forgotten that he had changed the places of the moccasins before he burned what he thought were his son's. So W. was forced to go barefooted and barelegged. He then blackened his legs and feet with a coal, and thus the foxes have black legs to this day.
Page 59 - The clan or tribe with whom I have been brought up is called Messissauga, which signifies the Eagle tribe ; their ensign or too'daim being that of the eagle.
Page 53 - First the Frog tracked him and came to tell the Rabbit the prospects. He said : ' It was something very mysterious ; he steps on every other hill.' Then the two went out together and killed the Moose, and they gathered the blood. Then the Rabbit asked the Frog what he would do if the 'enemy ' (the Wolf) came along. ' Oh !' said he, ' I would cut a hole in the vessel in which the blood is, and, when it runs out, crawl into the ground.
Page 54 - He thought it very nice, and said: ' I want to be that, let me have that!' But the tree said : 'Oh no ! I am not comfortable, it is a bad place to be in.
Page 55 - Get up ! the arrow is going to fall on you ! * The first time he shot the arrow into the air, the people stirred a little and began to gape, and after the third time they rose up.
Page 55 - AssEmo'kEn caught the white loon and gave it to the children. He told them to show it to the old woman when she came, and to ask her, if she were able, to get the chipmunk's horn, to obtain which it was necessary to go to the end of the earth.
Page 54 - AssEmo'kEn thought he would go away on a journey somewhere or other, and he meant to tell his brother so when he returned from hunting, but forgot about it. He forgot it in this way two or three times. Finally he said: 'I'll keep saying, Gama'djE! gama'djE!' (['mgoing! I'm going !) 'over and over again until my brother .comes.

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