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1907 - Divorce
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Page 28 - ... comparative study of vital statistics. By means of the data contained in Tables 3, 4 and 5, which are chiefly derived from the tables of international statistics printed in the last report of the Registrar-General of England, the vital .rates of Michigan for fifteen years past may be compared with those of various European countries, and also with the rates of certain states in this country and with those of New-Zealand and New South Wales, as representatives of the vital statistics of Australasia....
Page 70 - ... appears that the death rate from this disease increased progressively in passing from the Upper Peninsula to the southern counties. This might have been expected as the deaths from heart disease are chiefly those of elderly persons, and the general age distribution of the population is more favorable to a high ratio of deaths from this cause in the older and more thickly settled portions of the State.
Page 27 - The significance of the vital rates of any state or county cannot be fully known until comparisons have been made with those of others. While the crude marriage, birth, and death rates are not sufficient for the formation of absolutely reliable conclusions relative to the exact intensity...
Page 24 - ... with as much accuracy as by the computation of rates. It will be noted that the month of March shows the greatest number of births, and the least number in the month of November.
Page 37 - However, the relative number of males per one hundred deaths of females for the year, 113.8, is fully comparable with the corresponding ratios for the preceding years, and the relative male mortality shown in the last column of the table...
Page 70 - This does not include deaths from ''heart failure," which are regarded as too worthless to be included among deaths from diseases of any specified organ. The marked and steady increase in the registered mortality from heart disease is a feature of great interest. If deaths from "heart failure...
Page 2 - April, and the least daily number in January. As the deaths are now much more accurately registered than the births, no inferences can be drawn as to the amount of natural increase in the several months of the year.
Page 6 - Registration area only. t 1jew registration law for deaths in effect in Michigan for 1898. NOTE. — Data for foreign countries taken from international Tahles of the English Registrar-General's Report.

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