Detection of Encrypted Streams for Egress Monitoring

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ProQuest, 2007 - 53 pages
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The solution proposed in this thesis is simple yet an effective approach to prevent information leakage when the data is encrypted. We assume that a policy is in place which disallows encrypted content from specific hosts, ports and applications and wish to detect any violations to this policy. This work aims at analyzing encrypted and unencrypted traffic flows across a gateway and detecting unauthorized encrypted traffic flows. The work discusses a low level approach to detect encryption, based on entropy calculation and packet analysis. The technique is based on the fact that encrypted data consists of a random distribution of symbols whose entropy is expected to be quite high as compared to an unencrypted file. Techniques to differentiate between encrypted and high entropy compressed traffic are also discussed. This thesis implements and compares statistical methods for a fast online detection of encrypted traffic from all the other unencrypted traffic flowing across a network.

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