A Voyage to Senegal: Or, Historical, Philosophical, and Political Memoirs, Relative to the Discoveries, Establishments and Commerce of Europeans in the Atlantic Ocean, from Cape Blanco to the River of Sierra Leone. To which is Added an Account of a Journey from Isle St. Louis to Galam

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Page 104 - in its utmost latitude. The women are frequently hostages for alliance and peace ; and the chiefs of two tribes who have been at war, cement their treaties by an exchange of their daughters : private individuals do the same; and this circumstance may be the reason why
Page 105 - In the black savages of Africa we find the customs which are prevalent in Italy and Spain: for each Negro lady has a cicisbeo or cortejo, whom she makes choice of and
Page 117 - in short, she uses every art to merit his kindness and love. If the husband embark to cross the sea, the disconsolate wife accompanies him to the shore, and sometimes follows him by swimming
Page 105 - the bride is conveyed to the house of her husband, followed by the friends of both families, singing, dancing, and firing off their muskets. Towards evening the husband comes into the
Page 106 - for a certain time: she takes the oath, and generally keeps it; but if, in the interval, either by violence or the persuasion of her lover, she
Page 93 - are assembled. The night preceding the day of the ceremony, they are conducted by the women of the place to the most secret part of a wood,
Page 105 - several of his people at different distances, with brandy and other refreshments; for if these articles be not furnished
Page 94 - not having done it honour; and this reproach is even lavished on strangers, who may not have
Page 105 - hasten from the sight of the observers, crying and howling with shame and confusion. If, on the other hand,
Page 106 - wish to have a child of his own by a woman he loves, he obliges her to swear

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