An Introduction to Practical Pharmacy: Designed as a Text-book for the Student, and as a Guide to the Physician and Pharmaceutist. With Many Formulas and Prescriptions

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Blanchard and Lea, 1856 - Electronic books - 554 pages
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Page 226 - ... by the aid of two glass rods. Wash the cotton, without first pressing it, in a large quantity of water, and, when all acidity is removed (indicated by litmus paper), press it firmly in a cloth. Pull it out into a loose mass, and dry it in a stove at a moderate heat. The compound thus obtained is not pure fulminating cotton : it always retains a small quantity of sulphuric acid, is less inflammable than gun-cotton, and it leaves a carbonaceous residue after explosion. It has, however, in a remarkable...
Page 226 - Concentrated sulphuric acid * 60 ; Carded cotton 2. Mix the nitre with the sulphuric acid in a porcelain vessel, then add the cotton, and agitate the mass for three minutes by the aid of two glass rods. Wash the cotton, without first pressing it, in a large quantity of water ; and, when all acidity is removed (indicated by litmus-paper), press it firmly in a cloth.
Page 248 - It fully equalled the expectations of all ; so that solidified milk will hereafter rank among the necessary appendages to the sick room. In fine, this article makes paps, custards, puddings, and cakes, equal to the best milk ; and one may be sure it is an unadulterated article, obtained from well-pastured cattle, and not the produce of distillery slops — neither can it be watered. For our steamships, our packets, for those travelling by land or by sea, for hotel purposes or use in private families,...
Page 248 - Connected with the steam-engine is an arrangement of stirrers, for agitating the milk slightly, while evaporating, and so gently as not to churn it. In about three hours the milk and sugar assumed a pasty consistency, and delighted the palates of all present. By constant manipulation and warming, it was reduced to a rich, creamy-looking powder, then exposed to the air to cool, weighed into parcels of a pound each, and by a press, with the force of a ton or two, made to assume the compact form of...
Page 248 - A thermometer was immersed in each of these water-baths, that, by frequent inspection, the temperature might not rise above the point which years of experience have shown advisable. To facilitate the evaporation, by means of blowers and other ingenious apparatus a current of air is established between the covers of the pans and the solidifying milk.
Page 375 - Water, each . . .A sufficient quantity. To the zinc, in a glass or porcelain vessel, add gradually sufficient muriatic acid to dissolve it; then strain, add the nitric acid, and evaporate to dryness. Dissolve the dry mass in water, add the chalk, and, having allowed the mixture to stand for twenty-four hours, filter and again evaporate to dryness...
Page 332 - Fig. 193. cant the clear liquid and mix it with the solution of carbonate of soda. Lastly, decant the clear liquor from the precipitated carbonate of lime, pass it through a linen cloth, and keep it in bottles secluded from the light.
Page 265 - The seeds should be planted as soon as the frost is out of the ground in drills three feet apart, and six inches distance along the drills.
Page 231 - It contains, suspended and floating in it, a quantity of the vegetable fibre which has escaped the solvent action of the ether. The liquid portion may be separated from these fibres by a filter, but it is doubtful whether this is an advantage. In the evaporation of the liquid, these undissolved fibres, by felting with each other, appear to give a greater degree of tenacity and resistance to the dried mass. In the preparation of collodion it is indispensable to avoid the presence of water, as this...
Page 509 - Make a pint of milk boil, — put to it a glass or two of white wine— put it on the fire till it just boils again — then set it on one side till the curd has settled — pour off the clear whey, and sweeten it as you like.

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