Agenda for Annual Meeting

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1915 - Railroads
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Page 95 - Station supplies and expenses Yardmasters and yard clerks Yard conductors and brakemen Yard switch and signal tenders Yard enginemen Fuel for yard locomotives Water for yard locomotives Lubricants for yard locomotives Other supplies for yard locomotives Enginehouse expenses — yard Yard supplies and expenses Operating joint yards and terminals — Dr.
Page 334 - Said detailed reports shall contain all the required statistics for the period of twelve months ending on the thirtieth day of June in each year, and shall be made out under oath and filed with the Commission, at its office in Washington...
Page 55 - ... service for which it is Intended. The proportion of discount and expense thus chargeable shall be determined by the ratio between the period prior to the completion or coming into service of the facilities or improvements acquired and the period of the entire life of the securities issued.
Page 360 - Association, such assessments to be made upon a mileage or such other basis as the Committee may deem equitable. The Executive Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies occurring in its membership by election from among the members of the Association. It may be called together at any time by the President or by a majority of its members. Five members shall constitute a quorum to transact business, but a less number may adjourn from time to time. There shall be...
Page 143 - A car unsafe to load on account of general worn-out condition, due to age or decay, shall be reported to its owner, who must be advised of all existing defects. If the owner elects to have it sent home, he shall furnish two home cards, noting upon them existing defects and the route over which the car is to be returned to its owner. If the route coincides with that over...
Page 303 - These allowances are in excess of the weights transported free of charge under the regular fare by public carriers. They may be reduced pro rata by the commanding officer, if necessary, and may in special cases be increased by the War Department on transports by water.
Page 358 - It shall be the duty of the President to preside at the meetings of the Association ; to take the vote on all questions of debate ; to preserve order and appoint all committees except as herein provided ; and perform such other duties as the By-Laws shall prescribe.
Page 245 - To what account shall he charged special assessments for construction and maintenance of sewers adjacent to property the cost of which is includible in balancesheet account No. 705, "Miscellaneous physical property"?
Page 366 - That whenever the constitution or by-laws of any such association make no provision for the manner in which the same may be amended, such association may amend its constitution or by-laws at any regular meeting...
Page 357 - Secretary and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the annual meetings, and shall hold office until their successors are elected. Their election shall be by ballot, and the person receiving a majority of the votes cast shall be declared elected. The Executive Committee shall be elected by ballot, in manner as follows, viz. : At the first...

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