The Fast Guide to Architectural Form

Laurence King Publishing, 10 maj 2016 - 144 sidor
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While staying on theoretical ground, this is a very practical guide to the basic forms and shapes in architectural planning and design. The book is foremost a visual guide. The author presents sixty different basic architectural forms with both a schematic illustration and images of the forms applied in buildings.

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Om författaren (2016)

Baires Raffaelli (1975) graduated cum laude in Architecture at Rome La Sapienza University, where he has been researching and teaching for years in the field of Architecture Planning and Design to both Architecture and Engineering students.

He has PhD in Architecture, Theory and Planning. Baires Raffaelli has performed research within the fields of housing, population density, and public spaces. The results of this research have been widely discussed and studied, and they have also been the source for partnerships among universities, public authority, and private companies.

He is a co-founder of BRRE Architects, and with this firm he has received both national and international rewards.

His projects and research have often been subjects of articles in architecture magazines.

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