The Diseases of the Liver: Jaundice, Gall-stones, Enlargements, Tumours, and Cancer: and Their Treatment

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Boericke & Tafel, 1895 - Liver - 244 pages
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Page 120 - Burnett uses the 3x or the 3 trit. and substantial doses. He commends it in " obstinate hepatic engorgements, which by reason of their obstinacy make one think interrogatively of cancer," also in " cases in which there appears to be a semi-malignant affection, involving the left lobe of the liver and what lies between it and the pylorus and the pancreas.
Page 24 - sniff up cold water into your nostrils — that'll cure it quickly." Studiosus set his microscope aside ; went home. Once there, forthwith sniffed cold water most diligently into his nostrils, and cured the said coryza there and then. A sweet cure ! as the sequel shewed.
Page 30 - And so it was: the use of the greater Celandine in jaundice has trickled down to us through the ages from the primary source of the doctrine of signatures.
Page 143 - It has been urged that any untrained person can treat homoeopathically by mechanically covering the symptoms ; and no doubt, this is, to some extent, true. But such cures are not worth much; they do not reach very far, and are only of practical value when the malady and the symptoms are convertible terms. The...
Page 23 - ... under the circumstances was not an easy matter, he said to his professorial friend, " What's good for a cold in the head?" "Oh," said he, "sniff up cold water into your nostrils — that'll cure it quickly.
Page 148 - For all that, his great genius flames still bright above the horizon, lighting up the life-paths of such as have the power to see. It supplies light, but not eyes. I would remind those homoeopathic practitioners who throw their little handfuls of dirt at Paracelsus that it was he — Paracelsus—- who planted the acorn from which the mighty oak of homoeopathy has grown. It was just as impossible for Paracelsus to work out a homoeopathic equation on the purely scientific ground of drug physiology...
Page 122 - Cholesterine has any influence upon the disposition to cancer, but it acts by reason of its elective affinity for the seat of the disease." In speaking of the dosage he says, "I commonly use the 3x trituration in six grain doses, three times a day, but this will here and there act very violently, and when this happens I have found the third centesimal trituration effective.
Page 41 - Arzeneigaben können, wenn das durch Krankheit veränderte Verhältniss des Körpers zur Aussenwelt sich dazu eigene, wundervolle Heilwirkung äussern — mit der sogenannten homöopathischen Theorie gar nicht in Berührung kommt.
Page xiii - Burnett has added two parts to the book, one to precede the original work, which is designated " Part I. The Autonomy and Hegamony of the Organ in the Organism : Being remarks introductory to the cure of Organ Diseases by Organ Remedies in reference to Diseases of the Liver," which precedes the matter of the first edition, and " Part II.," which follows and contains much new clinical matter.
Page 70 - ... seemed to get no better from the treatment of his New York advisers. I found his liver very much enlarged, and also the before-mentioned steral patch of skin disease. I gave him Carduus in like dose to the foregoing, and he came in a week declaring himself quite well. I advised him to remain a while under observation, to see if the cure proved permanent, but he hurried out of my room in great glee, aud I never saw him again.

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