Capti: Fabula Menippeo-Hoffmanniana Americana

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AuthorHouse, 2011 - Fiction - 642 pages

Plot Summary:
REVISED EDITION - In Capti, Stephen Berard weaves a multicultural, particolored, sometimes surreal and often hilarious tapestry of satire, magic realism, myth, science, and poetry that causes the reader to pinch himself, asking if he can actually be reading something like this in Latin. The central character is a highly functional autistic Seattle ballet dancer, Woody Fava, who speaks in verse and who uses chromoptic therapy in the form of colored eyeglasses to help himself make sense of his world. In search of the Goddess, whom he is sure has recently moved into a condo somewhere in Seattle, Woody quits his ballet job, quickly impoverishes himself, and has a series of disturbing misadventures, until finally disappearing only to reemerge in Los Angeles at the center of a bizarre murder mystery. But this is only part of the story since Woody s life is reflected and refracted into a thousand other tales yes, hints of Scheherazade! lived out in other times and other contexts.


Libri epitome:
In pictura textili sua, fabula hac Capti titulo inscripta, Stephanus Berard multas gentes, multicolores imagines, saturam nunc festivam nunc suprarealem, realismum magicum, mythos, philosophiam naturalem, poesiam ita affabre contexit ut lector, quasi in somno versans se vellicare velit, num talia re vera Latine legat se rogans. Persona principalis est ballator nomine Vudius Fava, quamvis autisticus nihilominus vitae sat bene agendae capax, qui nihil nisi versus poeticos effatur necnon ocularibus coloratis chromopticae therapiae causa utitur quo melius mundum suum mente comprehendere valeat. Deam quaerens, quam alicubi Seattli diaetam nuper occupasse pro comperto habet, munus ballematicum relinquit seque ipsum in paupertatem redigit. Post ambages iniucundas aliquot Vudius tandem e conspectu abit donec Angelopoli aliquando iterum dispicitur, medio scilicet in dramate insolitissimo de caedibus vigilibusque. Haec autem fabulae tantum parva pars; nam Vudii vita non sine Scheherazadae afflatu in sescentas alias aliis temporibus diversisque sub condicionibus actas identidem repercutitur refrangiturque. "

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