Dictation Exercises

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S.R. Urbino, 1867 - English language - 194 pages
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Page 43 - Monosyllables, and words accented on the last syllable, ending with a single consonant preceded by a single vowel, double that consonant, when they take another syllable beginning with a vowel : as, wit, witty ; thin, thinnish ; to abet, an abettor ; to begin, a beginner.
Page 196 - to prepare a good spelling-book ; for such is the volume before us. " It is arranged, however, on a plan so novel, in English, as to deserve special attention. The words are arranged in continuous, though rather comical, sentences, which are to be written down, from dictation, by the learner. The lessons are progressive, and cannot fail to interest more than the old columns of disconnected words. It is well printed by Mr. Urbino."— Commonwealth.
Page 195 - Otto's German Grammar." I consider it a very good book; its abundant vocabularies, and its fulness in idioms, are especially useful. The appendix, also, is very valuable, containing, as it does, some of the most popular and characteristic German poems, which, may be turned to many uses. Feb. 1, 1865.
Page 195 - Otto's French Grammar " since its publication, and consider it the best book on the subject. It is based on the most modern grammars published in Paris ; it is thorough, and full of idiomatical expressions that can be found in no other work. LUCIEN OUDIN, AM Instructor of the French Language, NY Free Academy. I have used
Page 197 - MICHIGAN, April 20, 1866. I HAVE adopted Otto's German Conversation Grammar as a textbook in this University, and have no hesitation in recommending it as by far the best grammar of the German language published in this country. No other work with which I am acquainted presents such a happy combination of what are called the Analytic and Synthetic methods of instruction.
Page 197 - B˘cher's College Series of French Plays. Otto's German Grammar, I regard as a model of scholarly thoroughness and practical utility ; and the other works of your list, as far as I have examined...
Page 195 - DEAR SIR —It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I have introduced your edition of " Otto's German Grammar " in my classes in this University, and that I regard it as the very best German Grammar, for school purposes, that has thus far come to my notice. Your German editions of the
Page 196 - We are already deeply indebted to Miss Sewell, and this little book adds one item more to the list of valuable books which she has furnished to us and our children. This is emphatically a schoolbook with a soul in it, and we think nothing can exceed the skill and ingenuity with which these exercises are drawn up. No teacher can glance at it without at once perceiving its importance to him ; and in our opinion, in the teaching and spelling, it has not its equal.
Page 196 - ... been drilled in an ordinary spelling-book, and then subjected to a course of lessons in this book of Dictation Exercises, cannot spell correctly the words of the language, it would prove, what I do not believe, that correct spelling cannot be attained by all pupils, by seasonable study and drill.
Page 197 - ... philosophical ; and the examples which illustrate the niceties of their application are all that could be desired. The French Grammar, by the same author, is similar in plan, and possesses equal excellences. I have examined the standard educational works for the study of foreign languages, published by SR Urbino, and take pleasure in recommending them to all students of the languages and literatures of Europe.

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