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Page 71 - There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the said territory, otherwise than in the punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted...
Page 70 - That all that part of the present Territory of New Mexico situate west of a line running due south from the point where the southwest corner of the Territory of Colorado joins the northern boundary of the Territory of New Mexico...
Page 161 - On the hill-sides, above the level of the mesas, are scattered the live oak of the country, the trees varying from twelve to twenty-five feet in height, giving the country the appearance of an old orchard. As we ascend the mountains, the oaks are mingled with the cedar, until, at an elevation of about 6000 feet above the level of the sea, the pine region commences. Owing to the peculiar structure of the river beds, which run through loose quaternary deposits, the water falling during the rainy season...
Page 115 - No. 693 ; but it is believed that this ore was somehow confounded in the transportation with that of the lower shaft of the main vein (No. 692). Nine hundred feet distant, in a straight line, in a spur of the same Cerro, is the adit of La Plomosa. The upper workings, being badly planned, have recently...
Page 73 - Great was my surprise, however, when, instead of finding as I expected, barren mountains as at Washoe and Mono, I gazed on beautiful landscapes, and a country covered with trees of different kinds, with fertile lands perfectly watered. True it is that the nearest neighbors, the Apaches, are far from being even equal to the Patagonians ; but this, it seemed to me, could not be a reason for giving to such a beautiful spot, which in spring must be covered with flowers, so savage a name. Mr. Mowry was...
Page 24 - A fine growth of ash covers the valley. The Santa Rita mountains, which separate the San Pedro and Santa Cruz, contain inexhaustible supplies of pine and oak, besides untold millions of the precious metals. A military post of four companies at the mouth of the Arivypa would open this entire country to settlement.
Page 81 - This company owns a large tract of land, of thirty-two leagues square, on which is situated the old silver mine of San Xavier, which was worked during the time of the Jesuits, and which appears exceedingly rich; other veins, equally rich, are to be found in the centre of the property, on the Sierra Tinaja.
Page 30 - The Pimos and Maricopas occupy a beautiful and fertile tract on the Gila, 180 miles from its junction with the Colorado. They are a brave and hospitable race; they live in villages and cultivate the arts of peace. Their regular fields, well-made irrigating ditches, and beautiful crops of cotton, wheat, corn, pumpkins, melons, and beans have not only gladdened the eye but also given timely assistance to the thousands of emigrants who have traversed Arizona on their way to the Pacific.
Page 74 - By this route freight from San Francisco to the mine does not go beyond five cents per pound. The mine is situated on the last hills forming the eastern slope of the Sierra de Santa Cruz, and is bounded on the northeast by extensive plains covered by the mesquit and oak trees, which reach the line of Sonora, whose elevated mountains rise in the horizon. Between these plains and the mine is to be seen the Sierra Espuela, called also Wachuka mountains.
Page 71 - California ; thence with said boundary line to the place of beginning, — be and the same is hereby erected into a temporary government, by the name of the TERRITORY OF NEW MEXICO...

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