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Page 5 - Sir: In compliance with the requirements of law, I have the honor to submit...
Page 13 - ... attention which he has always received from indulgent friends. From these and other considerations, it will be seen that there is no class of persons so dependent in life as the blind. Generous provision has been made for this unfortunate class in almost every State in the Union. This is a fact worthy of consideration and it is a tribute to the broad philanthropy of the American people. The work which this State has undertaken, of establishing a school for the education of the blind, is deserving...
Page 5 - To the Honorable, the Legislative Assembly of the State of Oregon: GENTLEMEN: In accordance with the provisions of law, the Board of Railroad Commissioners submits their third biennial report for your consideration.
Page 7 - ... in many institutions of learning, and we must give more attention to this neglected work or we will make the same unpardonable blunder. Proper diet and ventilation, regular hours and constant attention to cleanliness is not enough with our pupils. The good...
Page 9 - ... children in the best public schools. Also, to provide the means of acquiring a knowledge of music and such instruction in industrial pursuits as will aid them to become independent and useful citizens. LOCATION. The institution is located at Salem, where it has been provided by the generosity of the state with beautiful grounds, convenient buildings, and suitable apparatus for the instruction of the blind. It would be difficult to find a more beautiful or convenient site than the grounds on which...
Page 11 - All the pnpils are taught to sing, and those who display especial talent are given individual training in vocal music. CONDITION OF ADMISSION. The school is supported by appropriations made by the Legislature- and the advantages it offers are free to all the blind...
Page 12 - Board, furnished rooms, and medical attendance are free. The conditions of admission are : 1. Insufficient vision to attend the public schools. 2. Ability to receive intellectual, physical, and moral training. 3. Willingness to conform to necessary rules and regulations. 4. Good moral character.
Page 14 - PHYSICAL CULTURE. Physical development is beginning to receive considerable attention in all schools. How far outward impressions man wishes to create will become second nature, may not be known definitely, but enough is known that to some extent such is the case. The time may not be fur distant when Delsarte may be ranked with Pestalo/.zi and Frouble.
Page 1 - We have the honor to transmit herewith the Biennial Report of the Bureau of Statistics, Agriculture and Immigration for the year 1907.
Page 9 - It would be difficult to find a more beautiful, convenient, or healthful site than the grounds on which the school is situated. It is only a few blocks distant from churches, lecture halls, and the business part of the Capital City, yet it is isolated from it by a stream, thus affording pupils the advantages and privileges of city life with the quiet of a country home. LITERARY DEPARTMENT. The literary...

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