A General History of the Several Nations of the World: From the Flood, to the Present Times

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D. Browne, 1751 - Asia - 544 pages

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Page 186 - ... god, who was the author of all evil; and that of the mixture of these two, as they were in a continual struggle with each other, all things were made...
Page 3 - ... or stones themselves which it cements together. These walls were surrounded on the outside with a vast ditch, full of water, and lined with bricks on both sides. The earth that was dug out of it made the bricks wherewith the walls were built ; and therefore, from the vast height and breadth of the walls may be inferred the greatness of the ditch.
Page 187 - ... that this struggle shall continue to the end of the world ; that then there shall be a general resurrection and a day of judgment, wherein all shall receive a just retribution according to their works.
Page 186 - ... eternity ; others contended, that the good god only was eternal, and the other was created. But they both agreed in this, that there will be a continual opposition between these two till the end of the world ; that then the good god shall overcome the evil god, and that from thenceforward each of them shall have his world to himself; that is, the good god, his world with all the good ; and the evil god, his world with all the wicked.
Page 529 - Calvary, and runs down to an unknown depth in the earth. That this rent was made by the earthquake that happened at our Lord's passion, there is only tradition to prove ; but that it is a natural and genuine breach, and not counterfeited by any art, the sense and reason of every one that sees it may convince him ; for the sides of it fit like two tallies to each other, and yet it runs in such intricate windings as could not well be counterfeited by art, nor arrived at by any instruments.
Page 186 - They began first in Persia, and there and in India were the only places where this sect was propagated, and there they remain even to this day. Their chief doctrine was, that there "were two principles, one...
Page 529 - The body, being taken down from the cross, was received in a fair large winding sheet, and carried down from Calvary ; the whole company attending, as before, to the stone of unction.
Page 187 - In sum, his doctrine as to this particular was, that there was one supreme Being independent and self-existing from all eternity. That under him there were two angels, one the angel of light, who is the author and director of all good ; and the other the angel of darkness, who is the author and director of all evil; and that these two, out of the mixture of light and darkness, made all things that are...
Page 187 - ... of their evil deeds ; and the angel of light and his disciples shall also go into a world of their own, where they shall receive in everlasting light the reward due unto their good deeds...
Page 119 - ... on land, they are put into close chariots, and signals are made at certain distances, that no one approach the road, through which they pass, under pain of death. When the Sultan permits them to walk in the gardens...

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