Fairy Book

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Lee and Shepard, 1865 - Children's literature - 178 pages

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A fairy
Hate it

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Page 90 - Scatter thy life, as the summer showers pouring! What if no bird through the pearl-rain is soaring? What if no blossom looks upward adoring ? Look to the life that was lavished for thee...
Page 50 - And next they'll shape me in your arms A tod but and an eel; But had me fast, nor let me gang, As you do love me weel. They'll shape me in your arms, Janet, A dove but and a swan, And last they'll shape me in your arms A mother-naked man; Cast your green mantle over me, I'll be myself again.
Page 49 - For I ride on the milk-white steed, And aye nearest the town ; Because I was a christen'd knight, They gave me that renown. " My right hand will be gloved, Janet, My left hand will be bare ; And these the tokens I gie thee, Nae doubt I will be there.
Page 49 - First let pass the black, Janet, And syne let pass the brown ; But grip ye to the milk-white steed, And pu
Page 90 - Here she flicked a tear from her eye with the corner of her apron. " I knew it — no use trying to deceive Mere Co'ic,
Page 80 - I come from a land in the sun-bright deep, Where golden gardens glow, Where the winds of the north, becalmed in sleep, Their conch shells never blow." On the south side of the earth, close to the stream of Ocean, dwelt a people happy and virtuous as the Hyperboreans. They were named the /Ethiopians.
Page 47 - ... that my cradle had never been rocked; But that I had died when I was young!
Page 121 - Do good and throw it into the sea ; if the fishes don't know it, God will." " Among the hills at various distances, from fifteen to twenty miles from the city, are constructed large artificial reservoirs. These are termed bendts, a word of Persian origin, and are built in the following manner : advantage is taken of a natural situation, such as a narrow valley or...
Page 33 - Not a miracle," replied the wise doctors, after they had first consulted their books : "it is only the electrifying of the optic nerve.
Page 19 - ... lids, full of shadows ; eyes as lustrous as purple amethysts, and, alas ! as sightless. He had not always been blind, as perhaps a wild and passionate lad, named Jasper, might have told you. On a certain Christmas Eve...

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