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1921 - Bridges
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Page 141 - That this fact is fully appreciated by the New York State Bridge and Tunnel Commission and the New Jersey Interstate Bridge and Tunnel Commission...
Page 95 - Commissioners to determine the average amount and composition of the exhaust gases from motor vehicles under operating conditions similar to those that will prevail in the Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel. A comprehensive set of road tests upon 101 motor vehicles including representative types of passenger cars and trucks was conducted, covering both winter and summer operating conditions.
Page 15 - New York state bridge and tunnel commission and New Jersey interstate bridge and tunnel commission and Erie Railroad Company and The Long Dock Company, dated December seventh, nineteen hundred twenty-one, as amended...
Page 18 - ... during the latter part of August and the early part of September this same insect has been found in three greenhouses scattered over the state.
Page 17 - Engineers referred the bridge plans to the board of estimate and apportionment of the city of New York, for its opinion, but the reply was delayed 4 years, disregarding the urgent requests of the bridge company for prompt action.
Page 29 - Investigations to determine the amount and composition of exhaust gases from motor vehicles were conducted on more than one hundred vehicles, under many conditions of service and road.
Page 31 - With 6 parts the degree of effect, if any, was usually very slight, while with 8 parts there was decided discomfort for some hours, although not enough to interfere with the continuance of efficient work in the laboratory or at the desk.
Page 29 - The schedule called for the testing of passenger cars and trucks of various makes and capacities. The tests were made with car loaded and light, car standing with engine racing and idling, accelerating from rest on level grade and on maximum grade, running at three, six, ten, and fifteen miles per hour on level, and up and down a grade of 3^ per cent, corresponding to the maximum tunnel grade.
Page 7 - Jersey, of a tunnel or tunnels between a point in the vicinity of Canal street on the island of Manhattan, and a point in Jersey City in the State of New Jersey, for the exclusive use of pedestrians and vehicles not operated by public service corporations. A copy of this act is annexed hereto and marked Appendix
Page 30 - ... cubic feet capacity with an automobile engine running and exhausting into the chamber. The duration of all tests was one hour. The length of time required to travel through the tunnel from portal to portal at a speed of three miles per hour is 31.4 minutes, and therefore the duration of one hour for the tests was considered to be sufficient. The average speed of passenger cars through the tunnel will probably be not less than ten miles per hour, requiring at this speed only 9.4 minutes for passage....

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