The young students first reader, by J.R. Langler and J. Hughes

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Page 57 - To-whit! to-whit! to-whee! Will you listen to me? Who stole four eggs I laid, And the nice nest I made"?" " Not I," said the the cow, " Moo-oo! Such a thing I'd never do. I gave you a wisp of hay, But didn't take your nest away. Not I,
Page 57 - Bow-wow! I wouldn't be so mean, anyhow! I gave the hairs the nest to make, But the nest I did not take. Not I," said the dog,
Page 58 - Don't ask me again, Why, I haven'ta chick Would do such a trick. We all gave her a feather, And she wove them together. I'd scorn to intrude On her and her brood. Cluck! Cluck!" said the hen, "Don't ask me again." "Chirr-a-whirr! Chirr-a-whirr! All the birds make a stir! Let us find out his name, And all cry 'for shame!'" "I would not rob a bird," Said little Mary Green; "I think I never heard Of anything so mean.
Page 58 - oh, no! I wouldn't treat a poor bird so. I gave wool the nest to line, But the nest was none of mine. Baa ! Baa !" said the sheep ; " oh, no I wouldn't treat a poor bird so.
Page 29 - WORK while you work, Play while you play, That is the way To be cheerful and gay, All that you do, Do with your might ; Things done by halves Are never done right.
Page 59 - I think I never heard Of anything so mean." "It is very cruel, too," Said little Alice Neal; "I wonder if he knew How sad the bird would feel?
Page 33 - Charles and Animals. THE cow has a horn, and the fish has a gill; The horse has a hoof, and the duck has a bill; The bird has a wing, that on high he may sail ; And the lion a mane, and the monkey a tail!
Page 36 - THE CRUST OF BREAD I MUST not throw upon the floor The crust I cannot eat; For many little hungry ones Would think it quite a treat.
Page 34 - Warm, and fresh, and sweet, and white. Do not chew the hemlock rank, Growing on the weedy bank ; But the yellow cowslips eat, They will make it very sweet. Where the purple violet grows, Where the bubbling water flows, Where the grass is fresh and fine, Pretty cow, go there and dine.
Page 50 - Mary had a little lamb, With fleece as white as snow; And everywhere that Mary went, The lamb was sure to go.

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