The Maryland Calendar of Wills: Wills from 1726 to 1732

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Kohn & Pollock, 1920 - Maryland
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Page 233 - Waring, Marsham, gent., Prince George's Co., 12th March, 1730; 20th Oct., 1732. To wife Eleanor, certain personalty and use of dwell. plan. for one year, at expiration of that time to live at "Mount Pleasant" and to have use of % the land during widowhood, with the 48 A.
Page 233 - Mount Pleasant" and to have use of % the land during widowhood, with the 48 A. bou. of William Smith, bequest not to be taken for her right of dower; and % pt. of household stuff. " daus. Sarah and Ann, certain personalty, and each % of personal estate after certain legacies are deducted; portion of dau. Ann to be in care of Clement Hill until she arrives at age of 16. " son Basil and hrs., 300 A. of "Hearts delight,
Page 108 - ... son Peter and hrs., plantation on Broad Ck.; sd. son to pay to son John 1,500 Ibs. tob., and to son Larance 1,000 Ibs. and give him 1 yr. schooling (wife to have her thirds of sd. land). Son Larance to live with his mother-in-law until 18 yrs. of age. Test: Thomas Ashcroft, Frances Cemperson, Sarah Poorter.
Page 147 - Booth, John, St. Mary's Co., 18th Feb., 1729; 5th March, 1729-30. To only child Basil and hrs., % of entire estate, to remain under care of wife until of age; shd. wife die during his minority, to care of Randolph Morris; shd. son die during minority, entire estate to pass to wife Mary, extx., and hrs.
Page 237 - Rutland's Discovery," n. side South R.; 400 A. of "Rutland's Purchase Inlarged" (for des. see will), dwell. plan. and tract bou. of Hezekiah Linthicum. Sd. son to pay 25 to dau. Elizabeth Stuard; shd. he refuse to do so, afsd. 2 tracts to be equally divided bet. sd. son and 2 daus. Ann Wayman and Elizabeth Stuard; and personalty. " dau. Elizabeth Stuard and hrs., 200 A. of "Rutland's Purchase Inlarged"; and personalty.
Page 231 - Brooke, Clement, Jr., gentleman, Prince George's Co., des. as of London, mariner, bound on voyage for City of London. 31st Aug., 1731; 28th Nov., 1732. To wife Mary, extx., also bound for voyage to London, and dau. Rachel and their hrs., entire real and personal estate divided equally, division to be made by father Clement Brooke; shd.
Page 175 - Brookfield," adj. on ne to land of Philip Lee, Esq. (last parcel settled by John Rabeling), be sold by eldest son Thomas and sons-in-law John Howard and Alexander Contee to discharge debt due to Capt. John Hyde & Co., and land to w. of run where water mill stands be sold to discharge debt due Mr. Charles Carroll. Exs.: Eldest son Thomas and son-in-law Thomas Gantt. Test: Philip Lee, Jr., Thomas Withers, Mary Delihunt (Dellihunt). Note: Widow claims her thirds. 20,125.
Page 147 - Co., 19,887. 23rd March, 1729. To 2 eldest daus. , 10s. each; gifts to them confirmed. " dau. Elizabeth, wife and son Bennet, personalty. " son Cuthbert and hrs., dwell. plan. ; and personalty. " son Robert and hrs., tract at Hervy Town bou. of James King; shd. either son die without issue, land to pass to son Bennet.
Page 175 - Sim and hrs., 1% A. at Nottingham; residue of "Prospect" to 2 youngest sons Baker and Thomas and their hrs.; sd. sons to be brought up in Church of England under care of their mother; shd. wife die or marry, sd. sons to care of sons-in-law Thomas Gantt and Alexander Contee. " son Baker, son Thomas (son by present wife) and dau. Lucy, personalty. " grandson Benjamin and hrs., pt. of "Vineyard.
Page 246 - Co., 17th Sept., 1732; 8th Nov., 1732. To son Peter, 140 A. of "Samuels Lott" during life; at his decease to his son Robert by his first wife; (other pt. of sd. tract having been conveyed to Steven Hopkins and dau. Elizabeth, his wife); and 4 out of personal estate.

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