Sketch of the Life: Personal Appearance, Character and Manners of Charles S. Stratton, the Man in Miniature, Known as General Tom Thumb, and His Wife, Lavinia Warren Stratton, Including the History of Their Courtship and Marriage ... Also, Songs Given at Their Public Levees

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S. Booth, 1874 - 46 pages

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Page 25 - Full on this casement shone the wintry moon, And threw warm gules on Madeline's fair breast, As down she knelt for heaven's grace and boon; Rose-bloom fell on her hands, together prest, And on her silver cross soft amethyst, And on her hair a glory, like a saint...
Page 5 - Queen's favorite poodle-dog, and he vented his displeasure by barking so sharply as to startle the General from his propriety. He, however, recovered immediately, and with his little cane commenced an attack on the poodle, and a funny fight ensued, which renewed and increased the merriment of the royal party.
Page 38 - Tis of a rich merchant who in London did dwell ; He had but one daughter, an unkimmon nice young gal ; Her name it was Dinah, scarce sixteen years old ; With a very large fortune of silver and gold.
Page 39 - Oh papa, Oh papa, I've not made up my mind, And to marry just yet, why, I don't feel inclined; To you my large fortune I'll gladly give o'er, If you'll let me live single a year or two more.
Page 39 - He kissed her cold corpus a thousand times o'er And called her his Dinah though she was no more, Then swallowed the pison like a lovyer so brave And Vilikins and his Dinah lie both in one grave.
Page 30 - Though many and bright are the stars that appear In that flag by our country unfurled, And the stripes that are swelling in majesty there, Like a rainbow adorning the world, — Their light is unsullied as those in the sky, By a deed that our fathers have done, And they're linked in as true and as holy a tie, In their motto of "Many in One.
Page 33 - The gentlemen, in baritones and profundos, told the amorous adventures of Ben Bolt; or desired to know what Home would be Without a Mother. Purdy spiced the hour with a comic song, and, in the character of an outraged wife, tickled the risibility of the ladies. Well, well, sir, so you've come at last! I thought you'd come no more. I've waited, with my bonnet on, From one till half-past four!
Page 5 - ... then turned around and ran, and so continued to alternate his methods of getting to the door, until the gallery fairly rang with the merriment of the royal spectators. It was really one of the richest scenes I ever saw ; running, under the circumstances, was an...
Page 30 - From the hour when those patriots fearlessly flung That banner of starlight abroad, Ever true to themselves, to that motto they clung As they clung to the promise of God. By the bayonet traced at the midnight of war, On the fields where our glory was won — Oh, perish the heart or the hand that would mar Our motto of "Many in one.
Page 43 - tis all your own fault. I beg your pardon, sir, 'tis all your own fault. I say 'tis yours, sir. Zounds, madam, I say 'tis yours. ( You know I never was in a passion. HE. My dearest love dont leave me so; Without measure you're my pleasure. SHE. You know my love I could not go, For you're my darling treasure. HE. Then for the future let's agree SHE.

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