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Page 13 - It is unlawful for any national bank, or any corporation organized by authority of any law of Congress, to make a contribution or expenditure in connection with any election to any political office...
Page 133 - That all moneys received from the sale and disposal of public lands in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming...
Page 410 - All service ranks the same with God : If now, as formerly he trod Paradise, his presence fills Our earth, each only as God wills Can work — God's puppets, best and worst. Are we : there is no last nor first. Say not " a small event ! " Why " small " ? Costs it more pain that this, ye call A
Page 133 - States set aside by law for educational and other purposes shall be. and the same are hereby, reserved, set aside, and appropriated as a special fund in the Treasury to be known as the
Page 15 - ... the American Federation of Labor, and at the same time secure an impartial judiciary that will not govern us by arbitrary injunctions of the courts, nor act as the pliant tools of corporate wealth.
Page 14 - Labor brings these its grievances to your attention because you are the Representatives responsible for legislation and for failure of legislation. The toilers come to you as your...
Page 436 - It is useless for the advocates of State rights to inveigh against the supremacy of the constitutional laws of the United States or against the extension of national authority in the fields of necessary control where the States themselves fail in performance of their duty.
Page 6 - I feel that we shall ultimately have to consider the adoption of some such scheme as that of a progressive tax on all fortunes, beyond a certain amount, either given in life or devised or bequeathed upon death to any individual— a tax so framed as to put it out of the power of the owner of one of these enormous fortunes to hand on more than a certain amount to any one individual; the tax, of course, to be imposed by the national and not the state government. Such taxation should, of course, be...
Page 111 - By this is meant mental power to see beyond the task which occupies the hands for the moment to the operations which have preceded and to those which will follow it, — power to take in the whole process, knowledge of materials, ideas of cost, ideas of organization, business sense, and a conscience which recognizes obligations.
Page 16 - ... shall continue in force for such period of time, not exceeding two years, as shall be prescribed in the order of the Commission, unless the same shall be suspended or modified or set aside by the Commission or be suspended or set aside by a court of competent jurisdiction.

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