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With a structure that reflects the way chemistry is currently studied, the comprehensive Encyclopedia of Chemistry is the definitive reference to this vast subject area. Hundreds of chemistry-related entries, thought-provoking essays, leading discoveries, and biographies of notable chemists throughout history provide high school through early college students with the most complete information available. Addressing a subject whose understanding is crucial to all mature science students. Encyclopedia of Chemistry presents an engaging, interactive approach to learning. Additional material directs students to further pursue their studies on the Internet, including links to informative websites and summaries of chemistry-related resources. A special section listing all Nobel Prize winners in chemistry, a bibliography, and a reference cited section complete this informative encyclopedia. Students and Professionals alike will benefit from the extensive coverage and easy-to-use format of this resource. Entries include atomic mass unit (amu), binary fission, Boyle's law, cheletropic reaction, enzyme induction, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, g-factor, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Krebs' cycle, nuclear binding energy, photosynthesis, polymerase chain reaction, radiocarbon dating, suicide inhibition, and thermonuclear energy.

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