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New departure, 1943 - Ball-bearings
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Page 9 - The capacity tables may now be entered at 1000 rpm and it is found that the capacities of the 3213 or 3310 bearing most nearly equal the equivalent radial load. Either of these bearings, then, should operate at the assumed loads and speeds for an average of 18,000 hours. The final selection of the bearing will be governed by the most important controlling dimension — either shaft or housing diameter or width.
Page 52 - Outside corner radius at small face of outer ring is one-half radius r. * Radius r indicates maximum fillet radius in housing or on shaft which bearing radius will clear.
Page 8 - Graph 2, page 11, it is possible to select a bearing size to give any average life desired (in addition to the 3800 hours for which capacities are computed), when operating under any constant conditions of load and speed. To make this selection, the following procedure and example should be followed: Assumed Example Let C= Equivalent radial load for desired bearing life. ( "C" to be solved for) R=Computed radial load or radial load component.
Page 25 - Type 1000 are to be used, it is frequently desirable to locate the shaft axially by clamping one of the bearings both on the shaft and in the housing. When this is done, the other bearing should have an unrestricted axial clearance hi the housing of from .010" to .015", as indicated in figure 1.
Page 77 - In such cases it is very undesirable to attempt to achieve this difference _, by mounting the bearing tighter or looser on the shaft. To do so •-' would, in many instances, result in mounting fits which would adversely affect bearing performance.
Page 76 - This rule is founded upon the following essential facts: 1. Under normal load conditions, a press-fitted ring will not slip or turn on or in a rotating shaft or housing, and wear in the latter parts is thereby avoided.
Page 77 - Departure bearings are supplied with sufficient internal looseness so that, using the recommended press fit, the correct bearing operating fit-up will be uniformly obtained.
Page 77 - Tight and Loose Bearings When a bearing is mounted on a shaft with a press fit, the inner ring expands a certain amount, depending upon the tightness of the fit.
Page 76 - In some instances, however, such as various pulley and wheel mountings, the shaft is the stationary member. The following rule covers the fits to be used for both cases.
Page 36 - ... applied in pairs, opposed to each other under a light thrust load sufficient to assure positive contact of the balls with the raceways.

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